The Ups and Downs of Starting a Physical Store That You Were Never Prepared For

When you’re ready to start a business, it can often be daunting thinking about all of the possibilities and responsibilities of being your own boss. If you’ve been working for the past couple of years under someone’s guidance, then making decisions on your own can be surprisingly difficult and you’ll need to be a hundred percent prepared to fail or else you’ll end up burning yourself out and shying away from ever starting up a business again.

There are many ups and downs to starting a physical business, and we’re going to help explain them to you one by one so that you get a better understanding just what it takes to become your own manager of a store that you’ve worked hard to grow.

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You’re Not Getting Rich Quick

Unless you become an overnight viral success and make something ridiculously popular (such as the famous cronut story) then you’re not going to get rich quick. You’re going to spend long days and nights working hard to make just enough money to pay your employees and keep your business running. There are going to be periods of good income and there will be times where you’ll barely scrape by and make just enough. It’s going to depend a lot on how you approach your business, but the cold hard fact is that you’re not going to be wealthy by opening a retail store unless you become a viral success and make something so popular that everyone around the world wants. Even if you make it into the news, you’re just not going to reach the same level of success that you could if you aimed for an international market with an online business.

Passion Goes a Long Way

One of the most important aspects of success is to create a business that resonates with you. If you love books, sell books. If you love to bake, sell cookies and cakes. If you love to serve the community, create a local grocery store. Passion helps you remind yourself that what you’re doing isn’t just for yourself, but for your customers as well. As mentioned in the previous point, you’re not going to get incredibly rich by just having a physical store. A retail store might make you some money and you might live well, but if you’re not passionate about what you do then it’s going to be incredibly hard to grow your business and make progress. In short, create a business and a retail store about something that you are passionate about.

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Growing Your Retail Store Is Hard

Between hiring an engineering firm to help you create a parking lot and integrating yourself into the local community, there’s a lot to think about when attempting to grow a retail store. Once you reach a certain point, you’re going to need to think about physical expansion. It could mean building and staffing a second location on the other side of town or it could mean moving to a larger store and accommodating more products. Either way, there’s a lot to think about. The truth is that there’s no simple formula to help you grow your retail store and it’s going to take a lot of hard work, dedication and ultimately passion in order to grow larger. Whether it’s physically increasing the size of your store or increasing exposure to draw in more customers, it’s much more difficult than an online business because you’re limited to your local area. A great way to bolster your sales is to actually look online and offer your services and products (if possible) over the web. Of course, this is going to be difficult if you’re a bakery, but if you sell books or art supplies or something that could be found on the internet, then you can greatly increase your sales by getting yourself on the internet.

Dealing With Customers Is Even Harder

Coming face-to-face with an angry and disagreeing customer is one of the most terrifying things an entrepreneur can face when they’re inexperienced. It takes a lot of time and experience in order to fully grasp these situations so you know how to defuse it before something goes terribly wrong. However, it’s not just frustrated customers that you need to deal with. Some customers love to talk and get you excited that you’re about to make a sale, but it’s how they use their wallets that will ultimately matter to you. As much as we love to hear a customer talk about how much they love our products, it doesn’t matter much unless they actually purchase something. It can be incredibly stressful to guide a customer around your store, making recommendations and showing them everything you have in stock only to be told that you don’t have what they’re looking for. It’s almost enough to make you scream and shout at having your time wasted, but the art of drawing in customers and making a successful sale is something that not everyone has, hence why it’s important to hire the right staff for the job.

Some Final Words

While opening a retail store is a great idea for people who are confident in their ability, there are many ups and downs that you’re going to have to deal with in order to fully grasp and appreciate how difficult it is to actually run a successful retail store. It’s not something you can wing because every decision you make not only affects your brand, but also the livelihood of your employees that you’ve built a relationship with and your own reputation. In short, if you’re going to start a physical store, then you need to prepare yourself by reading as many journals and guides as possible, and you need to be ready and willing to fail for the sake of learning.

The New Decade Is Going To Be Here Sooner Than You Think: Start Getting Sorted

We are currently through just over 10% of the year, and let’s be honest, it feels like it hasn’t even started. Most people are probably still recovering from overeating at Christmas and drinking on new year’s eve, making this year seem like it has barely begun. That said, the pace that this year is going at makes one think, and it also makes you realise that the new decade is basically here. If we keep going at this speed, this year is going to be over before we know it, and the year 2020 is almost upon us, that’s a whole 10 years after 2010, which also doesn’t feel too far away. Time is a strange thing, to say the least. Weren’t you thinking about how different your life is going to be by the time 2020 rolls around? Weren’t you sure that everything would have “solved itself” at this point? Weren’t you going to be the new you, who has taken care of all those things which you kept telling yourself you were going to take care of? If you’re nowhere near accomplishing all those goals, then do not worry, because you are most definitely not alone. Why not make it a personal ultimatum to get some of your issues out of the way before the turn of the decade?

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Sort out your insecurities

We’re all insecure, even the people who insist that they are not. In fact, the people denying it the most are probably the most insecure. Not to sound shallow, but the chances are that most of people’s insecurities nowadays probably stem from their appearance. Once again, you can either sit around and wait for things to sort themselves out, or you can get out there and get things done. All those tiny things which have been on your to-do list which really need addressing, go and do them. Need to lose weight? Need to gain weight? Need to look after your teeth better? Need to get your hair looking healthier? Go and get it done. Start that diet, pick from a variety of diets which you can find online to fit your needs. Go to that dentist and get started on getting your perfect smile back, visit a dentist like Dr. Kit DDS PC or somewhere equally as qualified somewhere close to you. Start applying all those treatments for your hair, whether it’s rinsing your hair with coffee or using a variety of hair oils, what better time than now?

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Make steps towards your dreams

Most of us were probably thinking we were going to be professionals making insane amounts of money from doing what we love by 2020. If you are, then you are living the dream, and congratulations on your success, but if you’re like most people who are still stuck in their mediocre job just trying to make ends meet, then you’re in the majority. Start making steps towards your dream profession, make a conscious effort to developing your skills and portfolio in your desired field. Take courses related to what you are interested in, and see if you could maybe even do them online.

How To Regain Your Confidence And Look Amazing This Summer

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Lots of ladies suffer a lack of confidence from time to time, and so we have to treat ourselves and get things back on track. If you want to have a fantastic summer with your friends, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to regain your confidence levels. With that in mind, there are some suggestions below that should give you some inspiration and point you in the right direction. While you don’t have to use these ideas, they are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself than you do at the moment. Read this post, and then create your plan. You’ll feel like a million dollars in no time.

Achieve a perfect smile

Your smile is the most important part of your appearance, and so you’ll want to make sure it looks as stunning as possible. Lots of women have stains on their teeth due to years of drinking caffeinated beverages, and so sometimes it makes sense to visit your dentist. You might even need some dental onlays and dental inlays depending on the condition of your pearly whites. Also, be sure to ask the professional if they offer teeth whitening services. In most instances, that procedure is not going to break the bank. However, it will help you to avoid any embarrassing moments when you’re out with your friends.

Get a makeover

Most beauty salons offer makeover packages these days that don’t cost the earth. So, you just need to search online for local specialists, and then read some reviews to sort the wheat from the chaff. You could even turn the concept into a social event if some of your friends also suffer a lack of confidence at the moment. The beautician will work on your skin, and then paint your nails and ensure you look like a movie star. You should arrange that appointment for the afternoon of a day where you plan to go out during the evening time. That way, you can show off your new look!

Buy some new outfits

If you haven’t visited the high street for a while, now is the best time to do so. There are lots of fashion stores that stock the latest lines, and you just need to take a look at what’s available right now. Most stores are about to add their summer clothing, and so you might manage to purchase some stylish items before the prices increase. Summer fashion tends to become more expensive after the month of April than it is before that date. You can also shop online if you can’t find anything appealing on the high street.

Now you know how to regain your confidence and look amazing this summer, nothing should stand in the way of your success. You need to start work as soon as possible because a lack of confidence could cause many problems in your life. For instance, you might struggle to impress employers at job interviews. You might even avoid meeting a life partner. So, turn the situation around as soon as possible!

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Ultimate Recording Studio

If you are passionate about the music industry, you will be better able to make the dream of turning your pad into a recording studio a reality (image source)

You are an avid music listener, and enjoying your favourite albums is what you do when you have a bit of spare time. Your friends know you are a music lover, and no one can win against you when you are taking part in a lyrical quiz. You recently got some money paid into your account, and this made you want to pursue your dream of turning your bedroom into a recording studio.

This is not a hard thing to do, but it requires some tidying up skills as well as some technical capabilities. If you are clueless as to how to connect relevant tools for the trade, make sure you get external help at least initially and until you have figured out what goes where. Here’s how to turn your bedroom into the ultimate recording studio.

Choose the best room for the purpose

In a house, you will probably be able to choose between two or three rooms that you might be able to convert into a recording studio. The choice you make is essential so make sure you go for a place that is spacious enough in order for you to be able to feel comfortable when operating the machinery that is required in the industry and to have enough room for the musicians that you will be inviting along to record. Another critical thing to consider is the noise that the room of your choice is subjected to on a daily basis. You don’t want a recording studio where the noise from passing cars and talkative neighbours can have a detrimental effect to the quality of your work, and as a result, you should ensure this is far away from potential noise sources.

Ensure mobility is a priority on your list

Once you have chosen the room that you think will be the best option for you to set up your recording studio, you will need to declutter everything that is in there in order for you to make room for your all-important recording gear. This could be hard work depending on the amount of stuff you have stored in your house over the years, but it will be worth it. The effectiveness of your sound operations will depend on how quickly and efficiently you are able to operate machinery and as a result, you should make mobility a priority. What this means is that you should as far as it is possible equip your gear and furniture with accessories that will make these mobile. Investing in a heavy duty caster is, therefore, an option you might want to consider.

Get yourself a couple of great computers

Your desk and chair will be the centrepieces of the room, and as a result, you should ensure these are equipped with the best tools for your recordings. The market is full of computers that will help you record sound in a proper and professional way. You might want to save some cash and go for the second hand or cheapest options, but remember, if you want to take your music recording abilities one step further, it is wise to arm yourself with the best technology out there.

3 Unexpected Difficulties About Being Disabled

It’s not a secret to anyone that being disabled means that you are going to have a more difficult time than most people in your daily life. However even so, there are a number of ways in which having a disability can really negatively affect things, often in ways which people are not aware of. Many of these are impossible to know about unless you are disabled, but to those who do suffer this fate, they can be blisteringly obvious. It is helpful to know this however, because if you have anyone in your life suffering with a disability, you will want to be able to understand as best as you can. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the unexpected difficulties of being disabled in today’s world.

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You might not think that even today you have to receive a lot of stigma for suffering from a disability, but you would be surprised. As it happens, there is still a great deal of social unease when it comes to disability, and it has a way of making life for those people very difficult indeed. If you are wondering just how difficult, then it might be worth looking into it with someone you know. Ask someone who suffers with a disability if they suffer any social stigma, and you will be amazed at some of the experiences they can retort. The key here is to ty and reduce this stigma by talking about it, encouraging disabled people into social situations, and so on. The more we do this as a culture, the better it gets, so start today.


There are many ways in which it is harder to be strongly financially independent as a disabled person. For instance, you have fewer jobs you can go for, and many of the best paid ones are active, on-your-feet jobs which you can’t do at all. Of course, there are benefits to be had for most disabilities, but even those can be hard to come by, believe it or not. Many times there will be a great difficulty in trying to get hold of your social security or benefits, and you will need to turn to the likes of Scott Davis for help (Scott Davis is an experienced ERISA lawyer). When you have a disability, your finances can be tough indeed to look after, and it is something which you will have to try and deal with in life.

Poor Social Life

With one thing and another, it can be increasingly and surprisingly hard for those with disabilities to make and keep friends, and this might be one of the saddest parts of all. The poor social life makes for a much worse quality of life in general, and it is the kind of thing which most people need in order to be truly happy. If you know someone with a disability, you can help to improve their life greatly by treating them in the same way you would anyone else socially. This alone will make a huge difference.

Exams, But Without The Stress

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As archaic, illegitimate and unfair as exams may seem, they are the most universal means of testing someone’s abilities right now (don’t worry, we think they’re in desperate need of an overhaul too). Still, no matter what path you are taking in life, whether you want to become an ice road trucker, a medical professional of some sort or just financially okay no matter what journey that may take you on, you’re going to find yourself getting tested by the unpredictable beast that is an exam.

But even though this time in your life is going to be just as stressful as that morning you woke up and saw Trump had won the election, you are going to get through it and that’s because it is totally possible to shake off those nerves and totally kill it, and we’ve come up with some tips to help you:

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  1. Positive Affirmations, Please

It may feel cheesy to have a posters in your study space that read, “Beyonce Is My Spirit Animal” and “Nothing can stop this light from shining”, but you’ll be shocked at how motivated a few motivational bits of art can make you feel (and they’ll stop you from procrastinating too).

  1. All-Nighters Don’t Work

Everyone that is staring down the barrel of an exam has a) pulled an all-nighter or b) thought about pulling an all-nighter. It’s one of those things we do – how else are you meant to cram all the revision you have into the time you have left? However, losing just one night’s sleep can jeopardise your performance and abilities and sanity for the four days that follow. Don’t risk it.

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  1. Preparation Is Everything

How you translate that doesn’t matter because it is a universal fact. Let’s say you want to go down the medical profession route and you have your Step 2 CS Exam, then it is worth getting Step 2 CS preparation assistance. If you have a bunch of college midterms coming up with back to back exams, then simply figuring out what it is you need ahead of time will be a massive help when it comes to not stressing out that you don’t have a pen. Like the age-old-adage says: fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

  1. Block ‘Em Out

How many times have you found yourself sat at your computer, working away, only to catch yourself opening a new tab and automatically typing in Twitter or Facebook? It’s annoyingly automatic and subconscious. To stop this from happening, it could be high-time you got yourself a website-extension-blocker-thingy like ColdTurkey. When exams are nearing, you haven’t got thirty minutes to waste on other people’s highlights, so don’t offer yourself that kind of distraction.

  1. Leave The Hardest Until Last

The best time to try and crack those really challenging bits of material is right before you go to sleep. We know this may make no sense to you, but according to some pretty solid studies, leaving the hard stuff until bedtime makes it far easier to remember the next morning.