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My LASIK Experience

In regards to my previous post, one of the biggest changes that happened in my life, is my LASIK surgery. I got it done on Friday, March 10th, 2017.

I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts since I was in the 6th grade or so, and gradually wore it full time around 11th grade. My vision was -2.25 and -2.50 which in retrospect, itsn’t even that bad. I can survive days without glasses because my routine never changes and it got the point where I can recognize people’s blurry figures and all.

I debated on getting LASIK for some time after Sergio told me about his experience. While contacts and glasses didn’t get on my nerves THAT much, it was the convenience of waking up and seeing the world clearly again. It was being able to travel without worrying about my contact solutions and contacts. It was about being able to play sports again without irritating my contacts. Ultimately, I just wanted to wake up and not worry about my vision anymore and travel without having my contacts irritate me. In my previous experiences, everytime I was in a dusty or extremely humid place, my contacts eventually would act up and my mood would change drastically and I wouldn’t enjoy that day or moment in time.

I posted a quick snapchat/instagram about potentially getting LASIK and much to my surprise, a lot of my old colleagues and classmates gotten LASIK done a few years ago and told me to not even think about hesitating and just book the appointment with one of the biggest LASIK surgery firms out there… and back in January, I did it.

Come the day of, I was extremely nervous. Prior to my surgery, on the consultation meeting, the representative quoted me the final price (with no surprises come surgery day), and gave me some bios of surgeons that I can choose. I chose not to choose one specifically.

I was one of the earlier surgeries happening that day (like 8:30am early). I was out about 10ish or 11ish, I forgot.

During my time, they made me feel as comfortable and relaxed as I can be. During the time they assessed my eyes one last time and giving me numbing drops, it turns out, they were going to upgrade me to the All Laser procedure – which means, laser beams are used to create the flap rather than a razor blade – without any additional charges. I was completely surprised but took the offer anyways because the Laser procedure had more benefits to the razor.

After assessing my eyes and paying everything, they led me to a quiet, dark room and had my lay down for some time until I was called. They were also giving me numbing drops for my eyes.

I think I waited for about 20-30 minutes in the dark until I was called. At this point, I was shaking so badly.

I met with Dr. Nagy, the surgeon for my eyes. He explained the procedure beforehand and asked if I had any questions or requests. All I ask was for someone to just talk to me throughout the procedure and even explain to me what’s going on.

So, his assistants gave me a hair net, asked me to lay down on the bed and gave me an anti-stress ball to squeeze throughout the surgery.

So here’s where it surprises me and probably will surprise you as well.

My surgery was done in about 10 minutes.Β 

After settling in, Dr. Nagy inserted a metal thing on the top and bottom of my eye to force my eyes to open. I believe these metal things went underneath my eyelid….

Secondly, he forced this plastic contraction down which ended up bruising my eyes (you can see that later), which I assume sort of “pops” the eye ball out? Not entirely, but it felt like they were trying to make a clear separation between my eye ball and the skin and all. If I’m being completely honest, this part only lasted a few minutes but it was probably the most uncomfortable part. There was so much pressure being pushed into my eye, it didn’t hurt but it wasn’t pleasant. Rest assure, it’s only the pressure that was uncomfortable – once they got those plastic things in place, you don’t even feel it anymore.

After that was done, they got the laser ready. I was told to keep my focus on the green light. I could hear the machines and the laser beeping.

I focused on the light, and focused and focused. I remember Dr. Nagy saying, “Okay, your flaps are made” in which I was just dumbfounded. I was so focused on staring into the light, it turns out, the laser already happened and my flaps were made for the actual laser to fix my eye sight.

It didn’t hurt a bit.

During this time, Dr. Nagy warned me that my vision will get really blurry, and potentially even blacked out. Being blind did not happen to me but it was so blurry, I couldn’t even see his hands clearly. I saw his tools “picking up” my flap to hold in place while the laser beam hits my cornea.

It was such an odd experience to see these tools touching my eyes but not feeling anything. He performed my left eye first, and similar to making the flap, I was told to focus on the light and within a few minutes, it was done. Obviously, this laser beam took a bit longer than creating the flaps but it was faster than expected and no pain whatsoever.

I asked Dr. Nagy if I could have more numbing drops of my right eye and he just doused my eye with numbing drops telling me, “Whatever you want. You want more eye drops? Okay.”

His voice and tone was just so soothing, calm and professional!

One day later, one of my eyes got so bruised from the pressure they applied.

The next thing I knew, Dr. Nagy was telling me, I’m done. His team congratulated me on completing my LASIK. He then led me to a seat where he brushed up any flaws (it was weird to see a brush up against my eyes and not feeling it). His attention to detail was spot on and made me feel comfortable.

After the surgery, I was brought back to the dark room where I laid for an hour. At this point, I couldn’t open my eyes without it stinging. It didn’t hurt, but it was just uncomfortable.

After an hour, one of the assistants called me to check up on my eyes. She numbed my eyes once more so I can fully open them for a bit for her to check before I leave the clinic.

I went home, took a nap, woke up and went over to my boyfriend’s. All while seeing perfectly… I was so surprise that after a 4 hours nap, I went from being nearsighted to seeing (almost) perfectly.


One week later, my eyes are slowly healing from the bruising but nonetheless, I have 20/20 vision again. This time around, the only time I ever want to go back to glasses is due to old age. I’m taking care of my eyes properly by limited my electronics usage and reading under better conditions (reading in poorly lit conditions was how my eyes started to get worst in the first place).

If anyone is considering getting LASIK done, do it. I don’t regret investing in this surgery at all, and if you can afford it, opt for the All Laser! It made my experience soooo much more better and comfortable for me. Looking back, I was extremely excited for the procedure but I couldn’t have imagine what it would be like for me if I never got that free upgrade.

EP. 12 – Home Tour Vlog

Hello from the dead!

Yes, I am still alive and so is my blog… haha. It’s been a hectic past few months and I know that’s usually the general excuse for any bloggers buuuut…. it’s true! There’s a lot that I want to share and just so, so, so much content to get through.

To kick start my return (hopefully) to the blogosphere, here’s a tour of my new place! It’s ONE of the few big changes in my life!

I’m a grown up….?

I think I’ve grasped the concept of adulting.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is the year that I want to grow and essentially ‘become an adult’. It’s the year that I put my future in focus rather than leaving Vancouver on a regular basis for holidays.

I’ve started my job hunt for an entry-level Human Resources position back in early February and wow… it’s insanely hard. I’ve been to a few promising interviews only to get shot down at the final round because someone happens to have a little bit more over me. I absolutely hate being told I’m a strong candidate but unfortunately someone has a little bit more experience.

I’m currently waiting to see if I made it to the short list for one of the companies I applied for and interviewed with last Wednesday. I absolutely loooooove this company (already) and really hope they consider me for this position!

In addition to looking for jobs on an near daily basis, I’ve also started meal prepping. I figured, if I want to pay off my student loans ASAP, I need to drastically change my financial habits. I would spend about $6-7 on my lunches everyday at work and at the time, it doesn’t look too much but eventually when I load up Mint, I see the bigger picture. Every paycheque I get, I automatically deduct $200 for expenses and put the rest into repaying my loans back, and ever since I meal prepped, I’m surprised I can survive on $200 bi-weekly! The great thing is that I don’t even do ‘roll overs’ so if I don’t spend my entire $200, I include the left over into my debt repayment.

My meals are heavily protein based because I hit the gym a few times a week. But, nonetheless, it’s very nice to see how much money I can save just because I take a few hours out of my weekend to do a week’s meal prep! I’m also starting to slowly try new recipes and pick up new cooking tips and tricks.

One of my other accomplishment just happened a few hours ago. I finally purchased a new table and decluttered my desk.

The new desk is significantly smaller than my old one which gives me more room in my bedroom and less space to be tempted to clutter my desk with. The only thing I keep on my desk now is my laptop, lamp, two decors, and my make up. I’m going to eventually downgrade my make up collection as well because my make-up routine is very simple.

It’s so nice and refreshing to declutter and look at a new change! I’m on a path to minimalism and I absolutely love it. I’m going through my closet every day to see what I don’t need and I now consider purchasing clothes that can be worn for work and outings, rather than buying things on sales or just for one occassion.

Literally, I’ve only spent $10 on clothes this year…(so far)!

Adulting isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be… I’m looking to start my career; I meal prep to save money; and now that I’m adapting a minimalism lifestyle, I don’t shop or waste money anymore. I prioritize my debt over my wants of travelling and that’s a bit difficult but the idea of getting rid of my school loans is very rewarding.

Hello, 2017!

Can you believe 2017 has arrived?! I swear it was just yesterday that 2016 began…

2017 is my ‘grown up’ year. It’s the year that I start to pay back my student loans. It’s the year I get my first real adult job starting with an entry-level HR job. It’s the year that I prioritize my expenses (such as bills, debts, etc) rather than spending my money on vacations and hobbies.

I also have several mini goals such as: get back into driving more; getting more serious about photography; visit interior BC; get into cooking and baking more; embrace the minimalist lifestyle a bit more; better my financial habits; cross a few more things off my bucket list.

A colleague of mine told me, “I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because if I was serious about changing something, why would I wait?”. That resonated with me but didn’t stop me from keeping a mental list of goals and achievements I’d like to accomplish. I mean, he’s right – why wait an entire year just to change? I get the feeling 2017 will be a great year. It’d be more laid back (I won’t be travelling as much) but it’s more of a development year than an adventurous year, I would say.

I’d also share with you what I’ve been up to for the last month of 2016.

One the first day of snow fall in Vancouver, Laura and I built a snowman outside the gym, haha. As you can imagine, it was very slow at work….

I attended one of my best friend’s birthday party and overslept the next day.
Things started to get festive at work. Plus, it was Madison’s last day!

On Christmas Day.



On Wednesday, September 14th, 2016…

I finished my last final exam of my undergrad and applied for graduation.

Which only means one thing…

I finished my Bachelor’s.

I finished my last research paper on Monday and wrote my exam on Wednesday.

Oh my god, it’s so weird to know I’m done… I mean, sure, I didn’t get the confirmation email from my school yet but the fact that I’m completely done is insane! I don’t know what to do with all my free time since I no longer got school!

This is one hour before writing my exam!

And, of course, my license is close to expiring so I had to get it renewed… after tears of happiness of handing in my final exam, haha.

So, what are my plans right now?

I’m going on a month vacation right now.

But once I come back, I’m not sure if I should…
a) go back to school and get a diploma in Web Development (6 months program)
b) start my HR career
c) complete my certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language and move abroad for a year or so….

I hope my vacation clears up my mind in deciding what to do…
But for now, I’m enjoying the free time I have and looking forward to jumping onto that plan soon!

This is the part where you begin to drift from your friends

I was hanging out with my cousin the other day to catch the Canada vs. Mexico soccer game which Canada lost drastically buuuut oddly enough, I’m not too bummed out because I don’t consider summer sports to be Canada’s forte. I mean… who seriously tunes in to watch the summer Olympic games in Canada? Haha.
Post game. 0-3 Canada vs. Mexico

My cousin and I were walking towards a late night sushi restaurant to grab something to eat. I was complaining about my Saturday plans because at the time I agreed to it, I was down but as the days crept closer, I wasn’t in the mood.

I told my cousin I felt that my lifestyle no longer revolves around clubbing and spending a fortune drinking with a bunch of strangers. I told my cousin that clubbing is no longer my scene because it’s not a place to catch up with my friends or meet new people. I’m no longer phased by having half my boobs pop out in order for guys to pay attention.

I mean, is it even genuine interest if you’re half naked? I’d rather appreciate a compliment when I’m fully clothed than wearing a short mini-skirt and low cut shirts.

My cousin told me I’m at the stage in life where I’d start to stray away from friends that I no longer share the same lifestyle with and associate myself with those more similar to me.

I’m not a prune. I still have fun but I’d rather do it elsewhere and not at a club. I don’t know when society deemed that the best thing you can do is go clubbing.

I noticed I hang out with my co workers more than my girlfriends because I see them much more than I do my actual friends but it’s also the fact that they’re similar in age but seek fun elsewhere than a club. And that not all outings requires us to drink. They have similar goals in trying to reach their careers or finish school.

I think everyone knows friends stray after high school or during your mid 20s but I think it’s interesting to experience it for yourself rather than read about it.

I no longer share the same lifestyle as some of my best friends and that’s okay. We may drift but that’s okay because I still trust and rely on them. I just hope that they’re understanding of my lifestyle differences and respect that as well.

I still keep in touch with my girlfriends via messages and occasionally meet up for dinners and movies but I honestly don’t think I can continue hanging out with those who revolve themselves around nightclubs and drinks. There are so many other ways to have fun without getting drunk, half naked, and struggling to find out how you’ve been for the past few weeks over loud blaring music and strangers.

And right now, I’m so close to graduating and starting my career. Maybe in the past few years when I was nowhere near finishing my school, I’d join them in nights out but now, I’m more focused on my career than anything else and I’m alright with that πŸ™‚