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Being Healthier Despite a Busy Schedule, It’s All About the Drinks

Want to be healthier? Got no time to devote to doing so? Well, don’t go jumping to that conclusion just yet.

Yes, busy schedules are a big killer of healthiness, that much is for sure. Well, you can see why: being busy takes a lot of energy and a lot of time from a person, a person who then doesn’t particularly want to be dedicating the little energy and little time they have left over to something that is as strenuous as being healthy.

But, there is a way to fight this: focusing on what you drink. Yes, if you feel that you are stuck with the curse that is a schedule that is too busy, you can still fit healthiness into it by focusing on and changing your drinking habits. To see exactly what you should be doing in regards to this, and to see how chaining your drinking habits can supercharge your healthy lifestyle, make sure to read on.

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Consume easily accessible but nutrition drinks

If you have just not got the time to prepare and cook yourself a nutritious meal every night, and as a result, you just don’t do it (or, you do, but you don’t do it regularly enough) then your health is going to deteriorate. Yes, quite simply, if you don’t quite literally feed your health the right things, it will not be right.

But, you can work around this and the best way to do this is consume drinks that are packed full of the nutrients you need, only they do not take as long to prepare as nutritious meals do. For instance, on those mornings when you simply do not have any time to do anything but prepare for work and get yourself to work, you should blend yourself a green smoothie. By doing so you would be able to get all the nutrients you need at breakfast time, plus all of your five a day in one go, without having to sit down for breakfast.

Or, if the blended lifestyle is not for you then you could turn to supplements that are both legal and healthy to take. For instance, if your healthy endeavour centred mainly on building more muscle so that you could be both physically stronger and stronger in the sense that you could fight unhealthiness far easier, then taking Sportsfuel supplements like whey protein would be perfect for you. They would be perfect because you could prepare them by simply combining the flavoursome whey powder with water or milk and then shaking them about, and you could then drink the concoction created in a few big gulps.

Stay hydrated

Everybody, no matter how busy they are, can stay hydrated throughout their day. Well, what’s hard about carrying a flask or a water bottle around with you and filling it up at various times of the day with clean, filtered water? No, to be blunt, this is not hard at all and is something that you can and most certainly should be doing if you want to be healthy!

When it comes to staying hydrated it is, of course, recommended that the drink that hydrates you consists mainly of water. But, don’t be fooled by all the myths and misconceptions out there: you don’t have to drink eight glasses of water a day — one will do. So, don’t get trying to fit in all this water, and don’t let your hydration endeavour collapse because you think you’re failing with your water intake.

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Waking Up with a Migraine? Here’s Why


Waking Up with a Migraine? Here's Why
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Did you know that around 50 percent of all migraines occur in the hours between 4 -9 am?

If you wake up with a terrible headache in the morning, you’re not alone – it is pretty common. However, the causes of the problem are extremely diverse. It is only if you can narrow down the problem that you will be able to get some relief and stop either being woken up with or by a migraine.

To help you get more sleep, maintain a clear head and boost your health, take a look at these common causes of migraine. See if any apply to you and then take steps to change them if possible…

Poor Sleeping Habits

If you get too little sleep, your brain will not be adequately tested, and this alone could cause a migraine to occur. Add to that the fact that a lack of sleep can also affect your neurotransmitters, which help to regulate your mood and your chances of a headache, and well, you can see how it could be detrimental to your health if you’re a migraine sufferer.

It’s not just lack of sleep either – sleeping too much an for too long can have similar effects, so you should aim for roughly 6-8 hours per night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can find out more about fixing your issues here. You might also want to see your doctor and perhaps get some medication because it can make a real difference, although it should probably be the last resort after you’ve tried everything in the link.

Hormonal Changes

According to Dr Anne McGregor, more than half of women who suffer from migraines are more likely to get them around the same time as their period. This is because changes in hormones can affect the body. If you’ve noticed that you wake up with migraines more often when you’re menstruating, talking to your doctor about different kinds of hormonal birth control to balance you out might be of help.

If you’re an older woman going through the menopause, you might experience similar issues. In your case, taking something like Vagifem, which you can learn more about now, is more likely to help. Just be careful, because too many of certain hormones can be as bad for causing migraines as too little – a fine balance is likely to be needed.

Using Too Much Medication

Waking Up with a Migraine? Here's Why
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Did you know there’s such a thing as the Medication Overuse Headache? It is one of the most common causes of headaches and migraines there is, but if you’re taking medication and you experience migraines, you should really push your doctor to check it out. It might be that you need to lower your dose or try a different medication for your symptoms, or even just that you need to try taking it at a different time of the day so that you can wake up without feeling like you’ve hit your head each morning.

Overconsumption of Caffeine

Unfortunately for you coffee lovers out there, having too much caffeine, which is, after all, a very potent drug, can cause migraines. Not only that but if you regularly consume a lot of caffeine, you could become dependant on it, and one of the symptoms of withdrawal is also migraine!

So, if you think coffee could be the cause of your problems, try to cut down, but don’t do it cold turkey – just drink a little less than you usually would and see how things go. There’s no need to give up your consumption completely, especially since coffee in moderation can be pretty good for you.


If you’re having a difficult time at work, stressing out about making the holidays perfect or worried about money – anything that would cause you to feel unusually high levels of stress – and you’re having migraines in the morning, it could be that your stress is the cause of your complaint.

You see, stress can make it tough for you to get a good night’s sleep, it can also make it tough for you to relax and make you more likely to ruminate, all of these things together can culminate in a frazzled brain, and that can cause some pretty bad headaches.

Try to meditate, go to a spa, or diffuse your stress as best you can. If you can’t do it alone, see a doctor or therapist to help you deal and you should see a decrease in the frequency of your migraines soon.

Grinding Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night, then you might not notice it where you would expect -in the jaw – but as a migraine instead. Grinding and clenching of the jaws is not an uncommon thing for people to do, so ask your spouse to watch out for it or set up a camera to capture it when you go to sleep at night.

Dietary Triggers

Waking Up with a Migraine? Here's Why
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Of course, one of the biggest causes of headache and migraine is diet. The food we choose to eat has a huge impact on every aspect of our health, and in this case, the more junk we eat, the more likely we are to have migraines in the morning. Some people also have intolerances to milk, soy, dairy, gluten and a whole host of other healthy foods so that some experimentation might be needed. Remove one thing from your diet at a time and see how you feel. Eventually, if it is food causing the problem, you’ll see it upon the stuff you need to eliminate.

Hopefully, this has given you some idea of what could be causing you to wake up with a headache that just won’t quit. If, after working your way through this list, you don’t find any answers and nothing helps, you should absolutely make an appointment with your doctor because sometimes migraines can be a symptom of a wider issue that needs to be checked out. Most of the time it will be nothing, but y’know, just in case.

I hope you’re able to wave goodbye to your migraines for good!

Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Healthy Lifestyle Choices
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When you decide to embark on a healthy lifestyle, you can often find yourself trying out new diets and working on new workout routines. And while you’re doing this, you don’t always see the results that you’re looking for. Because sometimes, chopping and changing things on a regular basis isn’t always the best approach for things. Instead, you need to find a kind of healthy lifestyle routine that works for you, but then work to boost it. Because once you’ve got the basics down, you can often add to them to supercharge the outcome. Sound good? If so, make sure you find a pace of life that you’re happy with, and use these simple tricks to give it all a boost.

Adding Lemon To Water

We all know that we need to be drinking lots of water to stay healthy. It’s one of the most important things our bodies rely on to stay healthy. So we often want to focus on staying hydrated throughout the day. However, you don’t necessarily have to change much about this in order to make it more effective. What you can do is super simple, and that’s to add some lemon to your water each morning. Lemon is great for detoxing, so if you want to make sure your system (and even your skin) is at its best, pop a little lemon in your water.

Switching To HIIT Training

When you’ve found a kind of workout that tends to work well for you, it’s definitely worth sticking to it. However, if you want to ensure that your workouts are that bit more effective, then you should definitely consider giving HIIT workouts a try. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and it tends to be more intense than other forms of exercise. For this reason, it can be more effective and you only have to do less of it!

Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Healthy Lifestyle Choices
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Picking The Right Ingredients

From here, you’re also going to want to try and make some smarter choices with the ingredients you pick out too. Although you’ll know by now what healthy choices you need to make, they can get healthier. Know that fish is good for you? Make it an oily kind like salmon to reap the Omega benefits. Love your veg? Be sure to stick to leafy greens like kale to get the maximum nutritional benefits.

Adding In Supplements

Next, you should think about what you need to supplement your diet. And this isn’t about replacing anything, but adding to it instead. With the right products, like Fit Tea, you’ll find your healthy choices are amplified. By picking out supplements like green tea and matcha, or ginger and lemon, you’ll find you’ll scoop up the extra goodness that your diet alone isn’t providing.

Trying Out Relaxation Techniques

Finally, you also need to try and relax. Because your body will always be healthier and be able to perform better when it’s not stressed out. These relaxation techniques could be all it takes to make this happen for you. As you start to relax, you’ll find that your other healthy lifestyle choices start to take full effect.

The Fast Track To Good Health

When you enjoy being physical, even a small injury can be a real pain. Putting your life on hold, this sort of concern is something a lot of people have to face at some point in their life. So, to solve this, you need a way to recover from injuries as fast as possible. This sort of effort is certainly possible; you just need the right balance of help and effort to get the job done. To help you out, this post will be going through the best ways to make sure that you heal up as quickly as possible.

The Fast Track To Good Health
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When you hurt yourself, one of the first things that you should do is see a doctor or nurse. It’s important to make sure that your injuries are only minor. A lot of large injuries start off feeling quite mild. But, over time, they will become much worse. If you see a professional, you will limit the chances that your injuries will become much worse. And, you’ll also be able to get help in the healing process. Doctors see injuries all the time. So, they know the best ways to promote fast healing. They will be able to give you advice. And, in some cases, they may even be able to give you some sort of medicine to help with your issue. This sort of help can be invaluable when you’re trying to recover quickly.

Once you’ve seen a doctor, you may want to take things a step further. Physical therapy has been proven to increase recovery rates when it’s applied correctly. This means that it’s not worth relying on videos online to try and help you with the issue. Instead, you need to see someone that can direct you in a way that will make the work beneficial. While being very good for you, this sort of treatment will always be expensive. So, it could be worth looking for a personal injury lawyer or other ways to fund your recovery, especially if the injury was someone else’s fault. This can make your recovery a lot smoother.

The Fast Track To Good Health
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The food that you is used by your body as the building blocks for tissue and organs. So, when you’re healing, you need to be eating good food. You need to have a good balance of all of the things that your body craves. When injured, a lot of people will use protein powders to improve their healing rates. This can be a great way to do this job. But, it’s worth making sure that you’re not just going to gain weight using it. Sometimes, your injury won’t be helped by simply adding protein. So, you should speak to your doctor before using these sorts of treatments.

Hopefully, this will help you out when it comes to healing as quickly as possible from your next injury. In reality, you may never need this advice. But, it’s worth bearing in mind just in case things do go wrong for you. In a time of need, knowing what to do can be invaluable.

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Ten Gigantic Influences Of Addiction In The Family

If you have a family member who suffers from mental health problems and addiction, you feel helpless and want to support them in any way. Giving them money is not an option, and you might not be able to influence them to seek professional help. If you do, you will have to supervise them, and provide compassionate care. The cost of addiction is immeasurable, and alcoholism or drug use is responsible for millions of broken family relationships. Find out how it affects family members below.


Ten Gigantic Influences Of Addiction In The Family

“Drunk” by andrew bishop is licensed under CC BY 2.0

1. Financial Strain

When you discover that your family member has an addiction problem or mental health issue, you will need to fund their recovery. You might take them to private therapy, which will cost a fortune. If their problem is more serious, you will have to take them to rehabilitation centres. If they have a long term addiction, you will need to look for co-occurring disorders treatment solutions. The residential therapy will try to deal with the root cause of the problem, instead of beating the physical symptoms of the addiction. If your insurance doesn’t cover this treatment, you will end up paying thousands out of pocket.

2. Having to Lie

While your partner or sibling is going through a bad phase, you might need to lie for them. You don’t want to announce to your friends that your loved one cannot turn up for dinner because they look too bad, or are too drunk. Instead of being humiliated by them, you choose to find excuses. This type of behaviour can be dangerous, as the more you cover for them the guiltier they will feel and the deeper they will sink into their addiction.

3. Loss of Job and Motivation

Ten Gigantic Influences Of Addiction In The Family

“Drunk Crossing” by Gavin St. Ours is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Addicted people hardly care about anything but their substances. This means they will lose interest in their career, and have issues at work. They will neglect their jobs at home, as well as at the workplace. You will have to wait with renovation and fixing household items, as you are not able to rely on them. It is almost impossible to set common goals with an addicted person, and this makes it almost impossible to live with one.

4. Compromised Relationships

Negative behaviour, irritable mood, and change of habits can cause a breakdown in addicted persons’ personalities. If you have a family member with an alcohol, gambling, or drug addiction, it will be very hard to connect with them on a personal level. They will not engage in conversation, and want to be left alone most of the time. They will close the door to the outside world, and it will be very hard to open it again without professional help.

5. Being Labelled as a Family

The worst impact on the family is being judged by the individual’s behaviour. Children might be bullied at school because their parents are alcoholics or drug addicts. They will be labelled as children of addicts, and not based on their individual values and qualities. This will have a long term negative impact on their development and socialisation. Likewise, spouses will feel ashamed for being associated with an addict and try to hide the problem, if they cannot solve it.

6. Spiralling Debt

People who have an addiction will prioritise getting their supplies, and neglect paying their bills. If your partner has their own account, you might not know about their debt until it has already spiralled out of control. The family budget will be affected, and your credit rating will be compromised. Addicts are not very organised, and they jeopardise family finances for a quick fix.

7. Neglected Children

Every mental health issue, including addiction has a great impact on children. When you are depressed, disoriented, or unorganised, you will not be able to look after children. If your partner suffers from addiction, you cannot hide their behaviour from the children. They will notice the changes, and will find it difficult to connect with the new person their parent became. They will become confused and might develop certain mental health issues or behavioural issues themselves.

8. Loss of a Hero

Children need a role model to look up to. An addict is the worst example of a hero, and children will go through a crisis because they will lose their personal hero. They will no longer be able to be proud of the person, and look for other, more impressive role models. If this works out OK, they might choose to better themselves, but many of them become depressed and develop mental health disorders.

9. Health Problems

Addiction to drugs and alcohol takes its toll on one’s health. People age earlier and their mental abilities can deteriorate. Some drugs cause short term memory loss, as well as other illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney problems, and so on. Drug users will be more prone to infections that they can pass on to family members. An addict in the family carrying Hepatitis can damage the health of the entire family. Compromising one’s health because of addiction can have a long term health consequence.

10. Younger Family Members Following the Example of the Addict

Delivering the wrong messages and examples can have long term impact on younger family members’ lives. Your addicted relative might be managing their illness fine, and pretend that there is nothing wrong with their substance use. Children are likely to copy the behaviour of people they respect, and they might believe that there are no dangers of drinking alcohol and using drugs regularly. If you want to help them develop their own values and make an informed decision, it is your task to sit down with them and discuss the risks and dangers of addiction.

Having an addict in the family can have long term and short term negative impact on individuals. It is not only the person who suffers the consequences of the addiction, but everyone else they are connected with. Family budgets will get out of control, children will miss their parents, relationships will be compromised, and the person’s health related issues will have a great impact on daily routines. Make sure you spot the early signs and seek professional life before the impact on the family becomes irreversible.

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My Copper IUD Experience

*This post is most likely NSFW and TMI for those who are uncomfortable with sexual topics. This is my personal account with IUD and some readers may find it too graphical. I’m choosing to share my experience because during my research, I couldn’t find much personal details/experiences of copper IUD aside from the typical medical summaries of copper IUDs.

It’s been approximately two month since I got my copper IUD inserted in me aaaaaaaand…. I don’t regret it all!

A bit about my background:

    • 21 years old and have never given birth
    • Been on the pills and depo shots since being sexually active
    • This is my first non-hormonal contraceptive
    • My body responds well to additional hormones from other contraceptive methods
    • My periods have always been light and lasts about 5 days. I rarely ever use heavy/thick pads or super tampons
    • I do not get cramps or mood swings when I’m on my period
    • No known side affects (eg. acne, tenderness, dizziness, etc.) when I’m on my birth controls (pills and depo shots)


My experience with copper IUD
Prior to this IUD, I’ve been on Alesse pills and depo shots. They’re both great and gave me no side affects. Depo shots average about $45 and the Alesse pills about $15-25/box.

The copper IUD cost me $75CAD at Willow’s Women Clinic and that would last me 5 years.

The depo shot would have cost me… $45 x 4 times a year = $180 x 5 years = $900 for 5 years!

Soooooo… you can see why I chose to get a copper IUD at only $75. There were hormonal IUDs available for $310 or $380 but at that time I didn’t want to spend that sort of money whilst saving and I am still working on a few paper work to see if I can qualify to get it cheaper.

One hour before my appointment, I took one Advil painkiller. A lot of people recommend taking 2-3 pain killers before your appointment but I only took one.

They make you pee in a cup before they start to procedure. This is to ensure that you’re not pregnant. A copper IUD can also act as an emergency contraceptive provided that you have in inserted within 7 days of your unprotected sex.

If you had a pap test, the first part of the insertion is really similar. If not, the doctor uses a few devices to open you up while she does the work. At first, the doctor would take an ultrasound to ensure everything is healthy inside. After using the clamps to open you up, she’ll examine your cervix.

My doctor told me I have a smaller cervix than the average person. It could be because I have never given birth before OR because I’m just a small person and literally everything about me is small.

So, my doctor ended up poking (not literally) around my cervix until she realized it was smaller than usual. From here, she used a different method to accommodate my cervix. At this point, I just felt A LOT of pressure. It is not a painful pressure but more of an uncomfortable, ‘I-feel-like-farting’ pressure.

After inserting it into my cervix, my doctor trimmed the excess strings and pulled all the instruments out of me. The only thing that was nerve wracking about the procedure was hearing the clamps as my doctor adjusted her tools and everything.

This procedure will obviously cause you to bleed for the day (not heavily) so bring a pad. I felt cramping for the first few hours but it wasn’t bad. On a pain scale, the entire procedure was a 3-4 out of 10. The cramping afterwards was about a 5-6 out of 10. Now, keep in mind, I’ve never had period cramps before so this “pain”/discomfort was new to me! And, if I say so myself, my pain tolerance isn’t that high.

Since the insertion, I continued to have light bleeding for about 4 days. I wasn’t spotting but it was enough for me to use a regular sized tampon or a regular pad.

This is where it got bad.

Hella bad.

On the 5th day post insertion I was bleeding HEAVILY. I have never bled this much before so I was panicking. I had to use heavy thick long/overnight pads AND my bleeding would completely soak the pad and onto my underwear/pants within the hour or so… so you can imagine how many times I took a shower and change my pads throughout the day. I was also passing clots… major big clots. I felt a small pressure between my legs and next thing I know, a massive blood clot comes out of me.

There was so much blood, if soaking through multiple thick overnight pads isn’t enough, stream of blood would always trickle down my leg. When I was changing my pads, if I wasn’t fast enough, blood would come down. If I raised a leg to put it through my underwear, it would come down. In the shower it felt fine but the moment you step out and rinse, it’s running down your legs or soaking through your towel.

This heavily bleeding lasted for about 2.5/3 days. I went back to clinic and my doctor said this is one of the side affects and could take up to 6 months for my body to get back to normal.

On my last day, exactly a week after insertion, the massive bleeding stopped. Just like that, no more drops were coming out of me.

It took my body a full week to get used to the amount of copper in my system. I guess for some women, it may take longer. I was considered one of the “lucky” ones.

The first few days before the start of my first “IUD period”, I was nervous. I was extremely nervous about the amount of bleeding I might encounter. I was scared that it would be as heavy as the first week. We’re talking Kill Bill scene right here!

However, my period, with the IUD, was similar to my regular period. I didn’t notice it being any heavier as most doctors have warned me. I didn’t notice it being any longer either. Perhaps one day longer than usual but I can live with that. With an IUD, my period is about the same. I still use regular sized tampons and regular sized pads, even on the first few days where periods are supposed to be heavier.

I haven’t encounter any spotting either. The only spotting I got was two days before my period started as a warning sign. One of the side affects listed was spotting until your body gets used to the copper.

Overall, while I don’t enjoy getting my period, this was the cheapest and longest birth control option for me. I am looking into getting Jaydess because I absolutely HATE periods but I want to save the $300 and put it into my New Zealand funds.

Like any other thing, your experience with the IUD will depend on your body. Aside from those three days of heavy bleeding, all the listed side affects that came with the copper IUD did not apply to me. I am not complaining, I truly feel lucky.

If your period is light to begin with and your body is quick to adapt, your experience with the IUD may be similar to mine and not be a complete nightmare like what is described on the internet. If you’re already having heavy periods, a copper IUD would only make it worst.

For any fellow Vancouverites reading this, I recommend heading to the Willow Women’s Clinic to get an IUD. The doctors there are extremely helpful with any questions and concerns and friendly enough to put you at ease while you lie on the table. The nurses are friendly as well. They’re much more flexible in terms of booking and would get you in and out of there in no time!