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Romantic Date Night Ideas In New York City

Going to New York itself is a fantastic way to kick off date night. Still, once you get there you need to have some activities planned. What’s the point in being in one of the most romantic cities on the planet if you don’t take advantage? Exactly – there isn’t one!

Going to a foreign place and trying to cook up some romance isn’t straightforward. There is too much to choose one, plus you don’t know the area so it may turn into a nightmare and not the date night you imagined.

Thankfully, this post has got your back with four intimate examples for loved-up couples.

Watch A Show

Date nights are best when they are new and fresh. Going to the same restaurant always negates the point of the date in the first place. You’re doing it to stop the relationship from going stale yet you’re not taking any risks. Well, a vacation is a perfect opportunity to try new things because the city buzz makes you feel adventurous. And, it doesn’t get any better than the award-winning show Sleep No More at the Mckittrick Hotel. Just don a mask and play-pretend while the drama of the event floods your sense. Is it getting hot in here?!

Go For A Walk

The most basic of date nights are always a great way to connect and bond. Even at home, there is nothing as special as time alone in a secluded area. No, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! New York adds an extra element to a romantic stroll because of the surroundings. It isn’t often that you get to breeze over Brooklyn Bridge at night gazing at the stars and the streetlights. Or, you can walk to the top of the Empire State with help from an elevator or two.

Picnic In The Park

Central Park is 3.41km squared which is bigger than the Vatican City and Monaco. Yep, it’s the size of a country in a sprawling megalopolis of skyscrapers and yellow taxi cabs. And, the size of the park plays to your advantage because it means there are quiet spots away from the clicking of cameras. All you need to do is find a secluded area, roll out the blanket and pop the champagne. Kissing and cuddling in CP is a time-honored tradition which has stood many a couple in great stead. To go one step further, hire a boat and row the lake.

Stay In

Let’s not pretend that intimate times aren’t on the agenda. A vacation is a sexy time and it manifests itself in the obvious ways. We’re talking about sex. Sometimes, staying in bed all day and night is the best tonic on vacation. New York is enormous and exhausting, so it’s nice to take a day off and “bond.” Throw on a movie, order food and talk the night away, among other things, while enjoying the comfort of the bed.

Can you think of any more romantic ways to spend a vacation?

5 People You Should Always Make Time For

There are always going to be things in life that we love. Whether you’re a huge sports fan or you’re obsessed with your dog, we all have passions that we prioritize. Some of us are driven by our careers, while others focus solely on our social lives. But neither choice is wrong. As long as you’re focusing on what you want, you’re on the right track. However, when it comes to people, there are always those that we need to prioritize. While everyone is different, and we’re also going to make time for those that matter to us the most, no matter who you are or what background you have, these are the five people that you should always make time for.

  1. The Love Of Your Life

First of all, we’re going to talk about that special person in your life. And it can seem really obvious to want to make time for them, but actually, they can often be the one person that we just don’t make time for at all. It’s so easy to take your spouse for granted. You can just assume that they’re always going to be there. Or maybe you get under each other’s feet! Either way, you can often put the to the bottom of your pile. But if you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, then you need to make sure that you always make time for them.

  1. Your Parents

Then, you also have your parents. And no matter what kind of relationship you’ve had with them in the past, you’re going to want to make sure that you prioritize their needs, their health, and their happiness. This is especially important, whether a parent suffers from dementia or other illnesses or not. They will often need your support in old age, so making time for them is important.

  1. Your Children

Of course, we also have your children too! And you know that you already put their needs first, but you should also make sure that you save some of your time for them too. This means that you’re going to want to spend quality time with them and not just be their parent or ‘take care’ of them all day long. That bonding session is important for their mental and emotional development.

  1. Your Supportive Best Friend

If you have that amazing supportive best friend, then you need to make sure that you do as much as you can to pay them back. Do what you can to be a supportive friend yourself. If you’re not sure how, then you can easily learn how to do it and make time for them too!

  1. Those In Need

But don’t always focus on those closest to you. Sometimes, a distant relative, a neighbor, an old colleague, or even a strange may need help. If you could do a random act of kindness that changes someone’s life, wouldn’t you like to do that? Sometimes, you just need to make time for the people that need it the most. You won’t always be able to plan for this to happen, but if you get a sense that somebody needs you, be kind and give your time, because it could make a huge difference to somebody else’s life.

Romantic Ideas For That Special Person In Your Life

Love is the best feeling in the world, and there are many forms of love. The love we’re talking about today is the relationship kind of love. The kind that sends your stomach into knots even thinking about that person. The kind that makes you feel safe. The kind that most importantly, makes you feel loved, and want to give out every ounce that you have in you. Got an anniversary coming up? Or maybe you just want to show your partner how much they mean to you because they make you feel special and loved every day of the year? Take a look at these romantic ideas for that special person in your life, so that you can give back to them as much as they give to you.

Whisk them off to London

Why London, I hear you say? Well, London is packed to the brim of magical theatres, fine dining, and cityscapes for you to admire and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love when you’re on the London Eye. Take them for a guided tour around the Warner Bros studios so that they can be a part of the magical films they’ve fallen in love with so much. Basically, a weekend in London is guaranteed to be fun packed and super romantic.

Surprise them with a holiday

If you’re looking to push the boat out even more with your romancing, then why not surprise your partner with a holiday? Sort out all of the arrangements with their bosses so that they don’t have to worry about a thing. If your partner enjoys the great outdoors, you could book a holiday near or in Istanbul, where they offer a half day walking tour in Istanbul, where you’ll be guided around the hotspots and learn about the history of Istanbul. Imagine being led straight to the best places so that both you and your partner can have an amazing time!

Give them a ‘me’ day

Sometimes, the best way to show someone that you care for them is by giving them time for themselves. So, why not stock the fridge with their favourite snacks and drinks, and let them kick back for a few hours doing as they please? If you know they like a bubble bath, run one and leave them to soak their day away and truly relax. It might not seem like a romantic thing to do as such, but allowing them to relax and unwind will make all of the difference!

Buy them a gift

This sounds extremely cliché, but sometimes buying your loved one a gift every now and then can be extremely romantic. Pay attention for things they mention that they would like. Whether it be a new perfume, or a game to play on the Playstation, every little gift will mean the world to them!

Also, try and use your initiative when it comes to buying gifts. While buying them something they want is great, sometimes the unexpected and thoughtful gifts are the best. Surprise your partner with your creativity and buy them a super romantic gift to show them how much you love them.

Do something on their behalf

Does your partner believe strongly in a particular charity? Are they passionate about a certain animal? Listen out for little things like these so that you can do something on their behalf. For example, if your partner loves pandas, then why not donate some money towards the PANDAS foundation? It will help save the animal that they love the most and also come across as extremely thoughtful and loving.

Alternatively, you could do something that they do daily instead of them having to do it. Whether it be taking the children to school or unloading the dishwasher, doing something for them will help take a load off their backs!

Cook a meal for them

Finally, one of the most romantic, yet most used trick in the book is to cook your partner their favourite meal. Grab a few cold ones for the fridge, cook them a meal, slip into something sexy and let the night take you away.

Make the effort for the person that you love the most because love is such a precious thing, and quite frankly, life is too short not to savour every moment with that person!

Bad Days And Brave Faces: Getting Your Relationship Through The Tough Times

When we first meet that special someone, it’s remarkable how firmly those rose tinted goggles stick to our eyes. We quickly become infatuated with our new significant other. Everything they say and do seems to sparkle with charm and our adoration colors everything about them. The good things are very good, and the bad things are shrugged off as their personal quirks. Those early days of your relationship are a powerful narcotic. That glowly feeling you get when you see or think about them never subsides and that spark between you never dims. Love has a very particular effect on our brain chemistry and it can entrance us and lull us into a belief that your relationship will remain forever perfect. By all means you should enjoy this feeling, and while I’m certainly not saying that it won’t last, what is inevitable is that the dynamic of your relationship will change over time. There isn’t a specific cutoff point after which your relationship will slide into a cycle of mutual resentment and irritation (There may be a biological basis for the “seven year itch” but it’s by no means an inevitability. The “honeymoon period” in which everything about your partner is so intoxicatingly wonderful you spend your every waking moment thinking of them may be finite, but every relationship has the power to go the distance.

The test of your relationship will come not with the good times but the bad. Anyone can maintain a relationship that’s going well. Sticking with and working through a relationship that’s going through a rough patch shows character and determination. A relationship is a wonderful thing, and when you’ve found the right person you should absolutely fight to keep them. But relationships can be made to turn ugly, either by external influences or simply the ways in which both parties change as people

Do we commodify our relationships?

There was a time when if something broke, we’d repair it ourselves or defer to an expert who could fix it for us. Today, however, we have a much more disposable mentality, and this is in danger of bleeding into how we look at our relationships. Sure, there are plenty more fish in the sea, but throwing out a perfectly good relationship simply because your partner doesn’t tick every single box on your wishlist. There was a time when we used objects and loved people, but as we become increasingly reliant on technology and digital connectivity to bring us happiness, we mustn’t neglect how important and precious our interpersonal relationships are. We should recognize and embrace our own imperfection and that of our partners if we’re to develop a healthy attitude to our relationships. We should endeavor not to be too picky when dating and certainly try not to “fix” our partners by trying to make them into someone they’re not.  


Money can be an enormous sticking point in relationships. Whether it’s having too little, making the most of what you have or even having too much, it is among the most common toxins a relationship faces. Couples can keep financial secrets from one another, find themselves arguing over the household budget, they can be envious of one another’s financial assets, find themselves adopting a competitive attitude over income or come to loggerheads over what is theirs as individuals and as a couple. Money matters can also serve as a catalyst to bring up other issues in the relationship. Find time to discuss money matters in a neutral way. Stick to the facts and work together to find the best financial outcome for the household. Money comes and goes, but your relationship needs to outlast any $10 in your purse.


Parenting is a wonderful experience, but it can also put an awful lot of pressure on relationships. You may disagree over how best to raise your child. Your different upbringings may cause you to develop very different expectations of parenthood. Moreover, you will likely be more tired and stressed and we’re rarely at our best under these circumstances. Statistics show that divorce rates do increase after having children. That said, your child is also a living manifestation of your love for one another. What better incentive to stay together than to show a positive example for relationships that helps to influence the way in which they perceive their own relationships in adulthood. While nobody’s suggesting that anyone stay in a bad relationship for the sake of the kids (not only can it lead to a lot of unhappy parents, studies show that it doesn’t do the kids any favors either), you owe it to your family to do everything you can to keep your relationship alive and well as it changes and evolves with your life and circumstances.


A separation isn’t necessarily the end of a relationship. It’s a profound change. If a couple decides that they no longer love one another or something happens to dissolve the relationship, it’s possible (and in some cases necessary) for couples to continue to working on their relationship wither as friends or at least as two people who can share a room. This is especially important if kids are involved. While you will need to contact Barton Wood or a family lawyer near you to sort out the legalities and the logistics of separation are always tough even on the most amicable splits, you will both benefit from staying civil in this difficult time. Nobody benefits from descending into anger and bitterness.

If you have kids, it’s vital that you work collaboratively with your ex, regardless of the circumstances of your separation. You need to work together to give the child you made the quality of life they deserve. Avoid bad mouthing your ex to them or trying to sway your child against them (however tempting it may be if they have wronged you). Whether you like it or not, as long as you’re raising a child together, you will continue to have a relationship with your ex. It may not be romantic or sexual anymore, but it still needs to be just as carefully maintained.

All relationships face tough times, but your ability to navigate them together will test the strength of your relationship and lead you to long term happiness.

Stop Relationships From Getting Ugly

Every relationship has their ups and downs. Most of them end at some point. We might like to think that we have always found the next great, eternal love of our life, but it’s naïve to assume that things will never be rocky. So, if we know that a rough patch might come eventually, how do we make sure that we stop things from turning ugly? If we have argued before, how do we stop the next argument from getting as bad?

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Talk it out

Doesn’t it sound like such an easy solution? Almost too simple, if anything. But the truth is that most relationships fail because of a breakdown in communication. Sometimes it’s not you who fails to communicate and there’s little you can do but encourage your partner to be honest and to trust you when sharing. But you have to take care of your relationship by ensuring you communicate what you feel is important at the time. Don’t sit on a disagree and let it become resentment. Don’t “stockpile” arguments mentally to throw out in future. It becomes nothing more than bitter sniping that looks nothing like communication and more like a verbal war.

Think about it

That’s not to say you should immediately blurt out anything you think is wrong, either. It’s important to know your own emotions and why you might react a certain way to certain situations. Our first response to emotionally distressing news or events isn’t always the most reasonable or sensible, even to our later selves. Give yourself some time to think about the issue and maintain your cool before addressing it.

Be mindful

Always be aware of how the things you say might affect your partner. You should never aim to hurt them, even if it feels like self-defense. Stand up for yourself and represent your side but try to find the solution that works for both people. Even at the end of a relationship, divorce mediation can keep things a lot more civil than fighting it out in court. No matter how things get, you’re going to end up with more for yourself if you negotiate rather than battle.

Own up

It can be hard, but it is essential that we acknowledge, admit, and apologize for the mistakes we make along the way in a relationship. We all make them. Admitting to your own encourages your partner to do the same, and to think about mistakes they make that they weren’t previously fully aware of. An apology can be the start of building a bridge that ends in reconciliation. It leaves you vulnerable, but the nature of trust and love in a relationship means exposing that vulnerability from time to time. If it’s meant to work out, your partner will show that vulnerability, too.

No matter what challenges or obstacles get in the way of a happy relationship, there is no reason to let things get bitter or hateful. In the end, holding onto those feelings only hurts you deeper. Keep things from getting ugly and know that you can come off any difficulties stronger.

7 Things That You (and Your Girlfriend) Should Do in the Morning

You are busy. You are always so busy that you live in the future, forgetting to live today. You always don’t have much time because of work and household chores, and there is a miserable hour before going to bed, which many spend watching a movie. You accumulate enough tomorrow, and one day you will find that you have nothing left but a lot of yesterdays. Due to lack of time, you have to postpone business and change plans, working around the schedule, but how to live without taking a moment to develop yourself? You will need a bit of discipline and early waking up to have time for yourself.

  1. Good night’s sleep.

A good night sleep is not less important than food and water. This is of vital importance. However, nowadays, many people have a crazy rhythm of life, sleeping for 4 or 5 hours. No wonder that they feel exhausted over time. 40% of the total population experience daytime drowsiness and it has a very serious impact on the ability to work, to think clearly and feel fresh. Moreover, half of these people have said that they feel drowsy 3-4 days a week.

On the other hand, a healthy dream improves your memory, working capacity, creativity, attention, and concentration as well as muscle bulk, and it reduces stress and depression. So, make a good night’s sleep your priority.

  1. Physical activity.

If you want to be a healthy and active person (as Ukrainian women are, indeed), sport should be one of the things to do in the morning. It is better not to go to the gym, but you can run and do a pull-up and dips. Nevertheless, training is a matter of individual choice, and if the gym is the best option for you, then get a gym membership. Sport in the morning helps the brain think clearly throughout the day and reduce your worries. Until you start caring for your body, other aspects of your everyday life will suffer as well.

  1. Eating 35 grams of protein.

Many famous nutritionists who have studied a human body for many years, recommend eating 35 grams of protein in the morning. The best time for such a breakfast is 30-40 minutes after waking up.

Protein-enriched foods belong to healthy things to eat in the morning. They are longer processed by the organism and keep the blood sugar level stable that allows you not to feel hunger longer. The protein can help in the processing of carbohydrates and reduce body fat.

  1. Reading.

Morning is a great time to leaf through a book, and reading is one of the great things to do early in the morning. You can do that at breakfast and on your way to work. Don’t forget about audiobooks if you cannot read for some reasons. Many successful people say that they try to read one book a week. They learn and develop all the time, so perhaps, this is their secret. Even 15-20 minutes of morning reading will allow to learn a lot of new things and enrich yourself with knowledge.

  1. Cold shower.

People who take a cold shower every day, don’t have depression and feel much better. This is all thanks to the fact that freezing water starts a certain number of processes in the body that make us feel happy. So, a cold shower is one of the most useful things to do when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Redefining the goals.

Some goals are small, and others are global. If you reflect on how to implement them every day and remind yourself that you need to act, this will greatly improve your results. Such a practice will add motivation.

  1. Do one thing that will bring you closer to the global aim.

Remember that in the morning, it is better to perform those tasks that require the most strength and energy. Doing that, you will increase your personal effectiveness. Do one great step towards achieving a great goal every morning, and soon you will succeed.