How To Regain Your Confidence And Look Amazing This Summer

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Lots of ladies suffer a lack of confidence from time to time, and so we have to treat ourselves and get things back on track. If you want to have a fantastic summer with your friends, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to regain your confidence levels. With that in mind, there are some suggestions below that should give you some inspiration and point you in the right direction. While you don’t have to use these ideas, they are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself than you do at the moment. Read this post, and then create your plan. You’ll feel like a million dollars in no time.

Achieve a perfect smile

Your smile is the most important part of your appearance, and so you’ll want to make sure it looks as stunning as possible. Lots of women have stains on their teeth due to years of drinking caffeinated beverages, and so sometimes it makes sense to visit your dentist. You might even need some dental onlays and dental inlays depending on the condition of your pearly whites. Also, be sure to ask the professional if they offer teeth whitening services. In most instances, that procedure is not going to break the bank. However, it will help you to avoid any embarrassing moments when you’re out with your friends.

Get a makeover

Most beauty salons offer makeover packages these days that don’t cost the earth. So, you just need to search online for local specialists, and then read some reviews to sort the wheat from the chaff. You could even turn the concept into a social event if some of your friends also suffer a lack of confidence at the moment. The beautician will work on your skin, and then paint your nails and ensure you look like a movie star. You should arrange that appointment for the afternoon of a day where you plan to go out during the evening time. That way, you can show off your new look!

Buy some new outfits

If you haven’t visited the high street for a while, now is the best time to do so. There are lots of fashion stores that stock the latest lines, and you just need to take a look at what’s available right now. Most stores are about to add their summer clothing, and so you might manage to purchase some stylish items before the prices increase. Summer fashion tends to become more expensive after the month of April than it is before that date. You can also shop online if you can’t find anything appealing on the high street.

Now you know how to regain your confidence and look amazing this summer, nothing should stand in the way of your success. You need to start work as soon as possible because a lack of confidence could cause many problems in your life. For instance, you might struggle to impress employers at job interviews. You might even avoid meeting a life partner. So, turn the situation around as soon as possible!

3 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Appearance

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It’s understood that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain things we can do that add or subtract from how attractive we are viewed by others; at a basic level, this could come down to personal hygiene yet on a higher level the style and fashion choices we make play a large part in how we are perceived by the world.  

For some, they will spend hours sat on an exercise bike in order to burn calories and craft their version of the perfect body – whilst for others, they’ll focus more on developing all the right curves in all the right places by embracing their curvy physique.  

The point is, beauty goes way beyond a particular body type or having great skin… the true beauty of a person is found in their soul, yet, in a world that judges us so much on our external appearance, it can’t help to make the most of your appearance.  Here are three tips to help you do just that.


One of the most important aspects of aesthetic beauty, in most people’s opinion, is to have young, radiant, firm and glowing skin.  Unfortunately, it is a scientific fact that you will age – and no matter what creams you use or cosmetic surgical operations you endure, there is no getting away from aging skin.  

At the most extreme end you could consider cosmetic surgery and a variety of non-surgical facial enhancing procedures, or, perhaps a better way is to nurture your skin with natural products such as aloe vera, aromatherapy oils, and nutrient rich moisturising oils such as jojoba and coconut.  

One of the most overlooked aspects of keeping healthy skin, however, is to consider the naturopathic view that your skin is an external reflection of your internal biosphere; a good example to highlight this is to consider the skin condition ‘psoriasis’ which is often a stress response to an emotional trigger or event.  You need to keep an eye on your nutrition.  There are plenty of foods that feed your skin; many of which are tasty and inexpensive.


Eyes are often referred to as the ‘windows to your soul’ – this is the place people go to “connect” with you on an emotional level.  Radiant and refreshed sparkling eyes would subconsciously infer a happy, radiant and bright personality resides behind the mask that is your face… whereas tired, aggravated red eyes, with dark circles around them could make someone subconsciously associate this with a more lethargic, depleted, and down in the dumps type of personality.

There are many natural ways to keep your eyes looking refreshed, one of the most simple is to ensure you give your eyes the chance to relax throughout the day, simply by averting your gaze from a screen (of any description), closing your eyes, and placing your hands over your eyes in order to fully block out the light for a few minutes.

Another popular technique is to place chilled cucumber or cold tea bags over your eyes in order to reduce puffiness.  The best approach is to place two chamomile or green tea bags in hot water for one minute (just enough time to release the antioxidants and tannins) then refrigerate the tea bags for ten minutes – putting them on your eyes for around fifteen minutes.


Dental hygiene is an absolute priority in terms of making the most out of your appearance.  The entirely preventable issue of losing teeth or having several fillings is something we often don’t start taking full care of until it’s too late, however, keeping a healthy and attractive smile is easy to maintain.  

Several factors cause teeth to lose their whiteness; in particular, foods such as red wine stain the enamel and plaque naturally builds up on your teeth, which causes them to look yellow.  The most important advice is to regularly visit a dental hygienist who will remove the plaque that builds up on and around your teeth in a much deeper way than you can do yourself.  There are, however, a number of preventative natural remedies you can use to whiten your teeth, such as oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

The Better You Look, the More You See

The Better You Look, the More You See
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We may like to tell ourselves that we don’t care about other people’s opinions, but is that as true as so many of us make out? Having a little bit of a vanity streak is not a bad thing, in fact, if there were no vanity everyone would, likely, wander around dressed in garbage bags with buckets for hats.

In a world where everyone’s style is scrutinised daily on social media, you want to look as good as you can, even if the only person you are trying to impress is yourself. So there is no shame in putting on your favourite hat or jacket or skirt or t-shirt for when you go out and about. Confidence is key to smashing any outfit choice, so knowing what you think looks sharp can give you a daily boost whenever leaving the house.

It truly is all about confidence. You want to turn heads as you strut down the pavement, and people will react not to how you look, but the way you carry yourself on days out. Too many times have people been pouring over the perfect outfit for the day, only to end up feeling like it is not quite right.

But, that shouldn’t need to happen. Overly criticising yourself is bound to hurt any confidence you might have that day. While you may not think everything is on point, it will be such a minor aspect of the overall look, from hair to makeup to style to smile, that the rest of the world will not notice.

That being said, people are easy to read. If you walk around looking like you’re not happy with something the world will know. It is essential to remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Having this kind of confidence will radiate from you, and by the end of the day, you will forget whatever problems you have with how you look. In fact, you might even find it to be a sweet little quirk.

As for accessories, we all have our favourite earrings, necklaces and pins. But instead of haphazardly adding them to any outfit, understanding where and when to accessorise will save a lot of internal dread thinking is not right.

Furthermore, on the more necessary side of any outfit confidence, glasses. Glasses are no longer at the mercy of childish playground insults, knowing what frames suit you can completely change the way you look.

However, if you’re of the opinion that glasses just do not suit you, that’s cool. You can, of course, invest in contact lenses, but these can be awkward to apply and remove. In cases like this, consider researching ophthalmologists nearby which can assist in fixing your vision and giving you a clear mind, as well as clear sight.

You won’t be happy with the way you look every day. But, approaching it as a challenge instead of a hindrance will make the whole experience that much better. If you go around all day convincing yourself that you look astounding, then that attitude will start to show and people will look upon with awe and amazement. Stop worrying about the little things; you’ve got this.

Why Getting A Good Smile Can Be So Important

A smile says so much about a person. It affirms their happy mood, their willingness to welcome you, and their delight at seeing you. It’s such an important part of the way we communicate that it can be quite noticeable when a smile is absent. But if you’re shy about your smile, chances are you deliberately try to hide it. You might have problems with your teeth, or simply be nervous about how they look to others. Whatever it is, now might be a good time to consider putting your anxiety to rest.

White Teeth

We see white teeth all over the TV and magazines. In fact, the whiteness of model and actor teeth is nowhere near the natural color of tooth enamel! The trouble is, it has become the norm. If your teeth aren’t perfectly white, then this has become more noticeable. Home treatments rarely remedy this problem well. Some can actually be quite harmful to your teeth and gums. Despite the extra cost, it is always worth asking your dentist to help you with whitening.

The best way to keep your teeth as naturally white as possible is to brush twice a day. It’s advisable to avoid all staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and chocolate. Cavities and decay will also discolor teeth. Make sure you’re using interdental brushes each day too so you can reduce staining and plaque build-up between the teeth. Finally, enjoy a healthy diet that can support good quality teeth and healthy gums.

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Straight Teeth

Let’s face it, few of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Teenage orthodontics costs a lot of money. If you have siblings, this can be a huge expense for your parents. As an adult with your own income, you can choose to save for straightening treatments like braces. Any work that might have been done in the past might not have been enough or has reduced in effectiveness in adulthood.

There are many different types of braces available. Some are recommended because of the health difficulties involved with your current alignment. This can include bad headaches from grinding or oral injuries from a poor bite. Some are almost invisible, so they are ideal for the self-conscious adult. All of them are best supported with an impeccable dental hygiene routine and healthy diet. Be sure to take care of your lips as well as your teeth. Dry, cracked lips can be aggravated by the extra dental attention required with braces.

Smiling Eyes

Of course, your mouth is only one part of the smile. Your eyes will give you away if your smile isn’t genuine. This is something that many people in customer services can struggle with. Being in a good mood through a long shift at work isn’t always easy. One of the most important ways to overcome this is to relax. Take plenty of time out of the situation so you can reset and find the joy in the situation once again. How do you make the most of your smile?

Forget what you’ve heard about brazilian waxes – an honest bikini waxing experience

Do you cringe when people mention bikini waxes? The thought of all that pain as the esthetician rips the hair out of one of your most sensative area?

That was me several years ago… hell, that was me up until a few months ago! I thought that any type of bikini waxing would hurt beyond belief… I remember one of my professors telling me she tried it once and never again because the pain she felt was bad as giving birth as she described it. Yup…

A few months ago, I thought – why not try it? I thought, if I could survive getting tattooed, maybe a wax isn’t too bad? I mean, it beats trimming it every few days so I guess you can say my laziness got the best of me.

Next thing I knew, I was on Yelp looking at all the highly rated waxing salons and decided to book my first one with Ann-Marie at Frilly Lilly.

Painless is one of my most favourite words, and everyone who went to Frilly Lilly basically called their waxing experience painless. 

However painful you thought waxing was – it’s actually only half as bad.

Yes, it’s bad in some spots, but it’s true that the more you go, the quicker and painless it’ll get.

It’s honestly wasn’t too bad. If I had to give it a rating, it’ll be a 3 or 4 out 10. When she put the first strip of wax on and took it off shortly, it didn’t hurt a bit. I honestly had to confirm with her if she started already or not.

Of course, as she worked her way in, it got a bit more sensative and a bit more painful, especially the patch of hair above your lady bit and closer to the lips. But it’s not as bad as how society made it out to be. Comparing it to giving birth? I mean, I haven’t given birth yet but I wouldn’t go as far as comparing it to child birth. Is it one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever experience? No. I cried when I got my ears pierced! That was the most painful memory I’ve had thus far.

I believe the stigma of painful waxing stems from those who used soft wax (?) – basically, the wax that needs to be taken off with a strip of cloth or something. Hard wax is when the wax hardens up shortly after placing it on your skin. I was told the hard wax hurts less because it’s actually tugging at the hairs rather than on your skin. It stung more when she waxed the peach fuzz on my inner thighs and my happy trail.

Oddly enough, the butt? Painless. Virtually painless. I promise.

The first time, it took about 30-35 minutes because she took her time explaining the procedures and giving me post-wax tips. My regular 5 weeks out sessions generally takes about 20-30 minutes, and of course, getting faster and faster each time.

If you’re like to me, scared of what society has been saying about bikini waxes – ignore them. It honestly wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how bearable the entire procedure was!

If you’re really considering booking an appointment, here’s some tips that I found helpful during my first few times:

  • Do your research. I spent a lot of time on Yelp glancing at reviews before I felt comfortable booking an appointment with Frilly Lilly. It seems silly to read reviews about a salon, but given that you’re stripping half naked and letting someone see, view and cause you physical pain… I’ll like to choose a place that’s highly raved about. 
  • Take two painkillers. They help managed my pain a bit and calmed me down… I  guess I viewed painkillers as another layer of protection from the actual pain – if that makes sense.
  • It’s okay to fork out a few $$$. Frilly Lilly was expensive… after tips, my waxing came out to be about $70 or so. I decided to continue going to Filly Lilly for a few more sessions before switching to another salon that offered hard waxing for only $52. 
  • Choose hard wax salons. Hard wax is the key to a painless bikini wax! 
  • Wear a lightweight t-shirt or dry-fit. You’re going to sweat because of it’s a bit painful. So wear something that won’t show your sweat stains when you leave the salon. 
  • Do it for yourself. Groom for yourself – not because some man told you to. 

If you’re a local, check out Frilly Lilly at 1076 Hamilton Street in Yaletown!

Hydrating Your Skin (Throughout the Winter) | Winter Skincare Routine

One of the biggest things I hate about winter is the cold harsh environment. Canada is known to be brutally cold but luckily I’m located on the West Coast which proves to have warmer winters (what is snow that you talk about?). However, despite having a warmer winter than the rest of Canada, Vancouver sometimes still gives me dry skin from time to time.

Lately, I’ve incorporated the L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Ultra Fresh Ritual into my everyday life. Previously, my skincare routine was great but I must admit, it did leave me skin slightly drier in the winter time (because I often forget to moisturize).

I use the gel cleanser every night to get rid of dirt and my make up. This little thing takes off my waterproof mascara and eyeliner in one quick wash! I prefer to use it at night because I feel my face is much cleaner after a long day rather than using a cleanser in the morning.

Following the cleanser, I use the toner to tighten my pores up. I have an oily T-Zone and this is wonderful. The current toner I use has a very strong scent and burns my skin (if I have any cuts). It’s extremely power and makes me eyes water when I use the toner. The L’Oreal toner smells light and to my delight, doesn’t sting at all!

Lastly, I use a bit of moisturizer before going to bed and in the morning. It’s very light weight moisturize and smells great. Unfortunately, I don’t find the moisturizing to last all day – my other daily moisturize works much better.

Overall, the L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Ultra Fresh is a great way to keep skin hydrated and moisturized in the winter. Compared to my other cleanser and toner, L’Oreal works wonder. However, I might skin out on the moisturize and stick to my current one instead.

*All products reviewed in this post was provided from Influenster. Opinions stated on this review are 100% from my own observation and usage.