A Happy List


A Happy List | Vol. 2

+ I finally reached my two years old goal of donating blood earlier this month! I’ve been so keen on this goal for the longest time because I figured, hey, I’m healthy AF, so why not donate some blood to save someone?! In fact, one pint of blood saves four people. Donating blood is the sole reason why and how I got into the gym and weight training.

+ I did major damage to my wallet during Black Friday and 2.5 weeks later, I returned majority of it except for a $5 tee shirt and an in-home laser hair removal device. Needless to say, I’m very happy I didn’t fall for the all those sales. My co-worker did enabled me to purchase a big order and despite how nice the clothes were… they were still big on me for a size small.

+ Snow hit Vancouver for the first time in a few years and the city came to a halt. There was one day where I waited more than hour for public transit before calling in a snow day at work. Cars were stuck on the roads or barely even moving; it was horrible. I usually open the gym 1 to 2 times a week which requires me to be out the door at 4:15AM and drive down to work… well, this one particular Tuesday proved to be a hassle since it got stuck and didn’t even move one bit.

+ My degree came in! I officially graduated on November 16th. 

+ I applied to a shit ton of new HR jobs (that I feel are more entry-level than the previous batch) and hoping to receive a call for the new year soon. There’s one company that is founded by a member of the gym and I usually book his tan in the mornings so I hope he reviews my resume and recognizes me, haha. 

One the best perks of working a 5am shift – catching the sunrise against the mountains #yvr #pacificnorthwest

A Happy List | Vol. 1

+ Having my ukulele arrive in the mail on a Sunday (but struggling to tune it properly)

+ Having my shifts changed from 4:45am toooooo 7am! Horrah!
+ Purchased Scott Helman‘s Augusta EP so I don’t have to stream it on Spotify anymore
+ Getting down the last few units and chapters for the remainder of the courses in this semester
+ Participating in Project 52
+ Booked my flight and accommodation for Wellington, NZ. Next thing is to plan activities!
+ Sippin’ on a mocha Frappuccino