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Avoiding Being A Professional Doormat: Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage Of In Work

It’s something we can’t escape; work problems are going to arise from time to time. And while a lot of us except the fact that, when we are climbing up the career ladder, that there are going to be sticking issues now and again, it’s important that we work hard to get to where we are going. But at the same time, it’s important not to be taken advantage of when you are working longer hours and doing more than anyone else to prove your worth. So, do you know the signs that you’re being taken advantage of, and also, what can you do to ensure that you aren’t treated as a professional doormat?

The Signs

If you’re doing a lot of things outside of your job description, this is a sure-fire sign that you are being taken advantage of. In addition to this, people may stop asking you whether it’s okay to hand you more work. And, while these people may be above you in terms of ranking if you’re at the point where you feel that you can’t say no, this is going to impact your mental health and your attitude towards the job. But in addition to this, if you’ve been doing the work of two people, especially as someone left recently, and you are not being compensated for this, either in terms of a promotion or a raise, this is a big sign that you are being taken advantage of.

The Solutions

So what can you do to get the credit and compensation you deserve? Firstly, you need to think about if you are giving yourself enough slack. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of, it’s important to look at yourself and realize what you are worth in the work environment. This does mean, on occasion, saying that two-letter word, no! Self-respect is something that we can forgo, especially if we think that by taking on an extra task, it may mean a bit more credit, and therefore it benefits our career. On there is an insightful article on why self-respect is crucial. When we are climbing the career ladder, and we’ve seen what others have to do in order to get to where they are today, we feel that we have to bury our sense of pride to an extent. This is far from the case. In addition to this, if you’re being taken advantage of in terms of how you are being compensated, you could go down the legal route via law firms like to get you the necessary compensation. But, you need to remember that if you are in an organization where finances are a very touchy subject; you may want to approach the idea of compensation from a different angle. Other benefits are always available, not just financial ones.

And what we have to get our heads around, when we are trying our best not to be taken advantage of, is that conflict will naturally arise. So, we need to prepare ourselves for this eventuality. Conflict is something that will happen anyway when you climb up the career ladder, but you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that you need respect also.

Making the Most of That Exercise Bug You Caught!

Exercise is such an important part of life, and you have to do as much as you can to improve the way you approach your exercise. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind when you look at keeping fit and healthy. The best thing to do is to try to build your routine around your fitness, and to do what you can to have the most effective and enjoyable workout you can.

This means you have to think about what is involved in having the right kind of routine. There are so many excellent ideas you can use to ace your workout properly and to make sure you are doing what is right for your body. Come up with some ideas that are going to help you make the most of exercising while you still have the drive and motivation to take this further!

Set up a Home Gym

A home gym is definitely something you need to consider, especially when it comes to working out more efficiently. This means you don’t have to go to the gym every day, or even leave the house, in order to exercise. If you have a spare room, this might well be the ideal space to turn into a gym. Make sure you get the right equipment as well, and this means looking for weights, medicine balls, and the best upright exercise bike for a short person. These are all essentials to make your home gym the ultimate exercise space.

Try to Exercise Multiple Times Weekly

While you are in the zone and motivated it is important to make the most of this, and you can achieve this by exercising multiple times on a weekly basis. You need to get into a health and fitness routine as much as you can, and this is a good way of helping you achieve that. Making sure you exercise at least a couple times each week will get you into the habit of keeping fitter in the future.

Vamp up Your Routines

It’s also really important to vamp up your routines and make sure you are making the most of the different exercise options you have. This means you should try new things, such as running, swimming, and cycling, as well as regular gym exercises. Pushing yourself to the limits and trying to make sure you are keeping active no matter where you are is so important.

Set Yourself Mini Goals

Setting yourself mini goals is a wonderful way of prolonging your drive to keep fit and get healthy. Come up with milestones that you can work toward in order to help you lose more weight and tone up better. By having these goals to work toward, you can really take this seriously, and make the most of the exercise regimen you have.

As you can see, there are a lot of options you need to consider when it comes to improving your exercise regime. The best thing you can do right now is to come up with ideas that allow you to make the most of the exercise bug you have caught. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and if you focus on doing this more effectively, you will definitely get more out of the process.

Taking Care of Yourself After a Tough Breakup

Breakups are always hard. Especially if you’ve been together for a long time and made commitments to each other. Learning to live alone, without someone by your side can always be difficult. But, some breakups are much worse than others. Unfortunately, most of us are at some point in our lives involved in a bad breakup. The kind where nothing is agreed upon. Where you thought you were happy and your whole life comes crashing down. The sort of breakup that breaks your heart, and your spirit. The kind that you don’t think that you’ll ever be able to recover from.

When this happens, it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. It can be tough to see how you are going to carry on with your usual life when something so dramatic has changed, and you just want to cry underneath your duvet. But, you need to. Here are some tips to help you take care of yourself when your heart is breaking.

Let Yourself Be Sad

When you are dealing with a breakup, it’s important to let yourself grieve. Not just for the relationship, but for the life that you are leaving behind. Nothing will quite be the same anymore, and it’s ok not to be ok. Let yourself be sad, let yourself wallow and let yourself grieve. Don’t feel like you have to be normal and happy straight away, and don’t let society pressure you into moving on before you are ready.

Draw a Line

At some point, you will be ready to lift your head again. You’ll feel ready to take the next step and to start rebuilding your life. This is when it’s time to draw a line. This could mean speaking to Leading Divorce Solicitors. It might mean returning a box of your ex’s’ stuff. It could just be telling your family about the breakup. Whatever it is, do it, and then leave the wallowing behind.

Get Lots of Sleep

You’ll have heard the saying “everything looks better in the morning,” and after a good night’s sleep, this is usually true. Sadness and grief take a lot out of you. You’ll be physically and mentally exhausted. Make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep, and your mind will be able to process things more clearly. You’ll start to feel better for it.

Eat Well

bowl of cereal with sliced fruits and spoon

It’s only too familiar to fall into bad eating habits when we’re going through something. We start binging on comfort food. We eat take outs, and we snack on sugary treats. This won’t help. The odd treat is great but try to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. You don’t need any food guilt making you feel worse, or digestion issues hitting at the worst possible time.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise has so many benefits. It can help to keep you fit and healthy, but it also gives you a great chance to think and process and helps look after your mental health. It also gives you a fantastic way to meet people and an enormous confidence boost.

3 Rules For Your Post-Workout Meal

It’s no secret that exercise alone isn’t enough to get fit. You need a good diet as well. There’s no point in spending time at the gym losing weight if you’re putting it all back on again by eating unhealthy food. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid eating after working out completely. People often don’t want to eat a large meal after the gym because it feels like they’re undoing all of the hard work they just put in. In reality, it’s essential to eat after a workout if you want to see results, you just need to make sure that you’re eating the right stuff. If you aren’t sure what the right stuff is, read this handy guide to post-workout nutrition.

What To Eat

First, what should you be eating? After a hard workout, your muscles need certain things to repair themselves. If you don’t give your body what it needs, you’re far more likely to end up getting injured and you’ll struggle to keep up with your workout routine because you’ll constantly be aching. The 2 main things that you need are protein and carbohydrates. If you’re focused mainly on muscle building, protein is the most important. That’s why you always see people drinking protein shakes when they’re weightlifting. If you don’t like the look of a protein shake, there are plenty of tastier alternatives like protein flapjacks that still give your body what it needs to repair itself. Eating high protein foods like meat or nuts is good as well, just be careful of the fat content.

When you’re doing a lot of cardio, your body needs to replace the energy that you’ve burned off. Protein is still important but you also need to get plenty of carbohydrates in there. If you don’t, you’ll end up feeling tired all of the time. Eggs and fish are the best source of carbohydrates to eat after a workout.

When To Eat

You’ve only got a short window in which to replenish your body if you’re going to see all of the benefits. Usually, you want to be eating something in the first 20 minutes after finishing your workout. Then have your next full meal around 2 hours later. If you leave it too long, your muscles won’t repair themselves effectively.

How Much To Eat

While it’s important to eat after your workout, you need to get the amount right, otherwise, you’ll start gaining weight. Your body can only process certain amounts of protein and carbohydrates so you want to eat fairly small portions of easily digestible food. Your specific requirements depend on your size, the intensity of the workout and your goals. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow; as a general rule, you should try to have around 15-35 grams of protein and 30-100 grams of carbohydrates in your post-workout meal.

There’s no point exercising if you don’t give your body everything it needs to repair itself afterwards. If you really want to see good results, you need to get your post-workout meal right.

A Guide To Discussing Work Problems With Your Employer

It is shocking to contemplate, but studies have shown that 85% of people actively hate their jobs, but remain in the role despite their unhappiness. While this is understandable – everyone needs to earn a living – it does nevertheless hint towards an underlying issue: people don’t feel comfortable expressing dissatisfaction with their job or workplace concerns to their employer.

While many people simply dislike their job because it’s a job – they dislike the routine, the early starts, the boring commute – many people dislike their jobs due to issues with the environment itself; stress, an unsafe workplace, or poor scheduling. If you dislike your job, but feel changes could improve it, learning to speak to your employer about your issues could be hugely beneficial.

A legitimate fear

It would be wonderful if we could say: “tell your boss when you’re unhappy! They should fix it! There will be no repercussions for speaking up!”, the sad truth is, we can’t. Some employers do have a tendency to take action against those that speak out, practicing a policy of: “if you don’t like it, work elsewhere”.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to be very careful when contemplating discussing issues with your employer. This means, first and foremost, that you have to judge your employer: are they open-minded, willing to discuss things? Or is their attitude far more aligned with the “take it or leave” attitude mentioned above? If it’s the latter, then you may be best seeking alternative employment – or at least being willing to do so if all goes wrong.

However, if you feel you can raise any workplace issues with your employer, then here are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

#1 – Be direct

If you are going to make a complaint, make a complaint. There is little point in approaching this conversation in a half-hearted manner; make it clear you have an issue and address it head-on. If this level of assertiveness does not come naturally to you, it’s worth reading through useful tips, such as those provided by,  to help with this.

#2 – Have an idea for changes

Raising a complaint without suggesting how it can be resolved is not particularly useful, so always have in mind a few solutions that your employer can consider. This could include arguments in favor of remote working; measures that could ensure the workplace is safer; or even asking for new staff to be recruited to lighten workloads – by having a remedy in mind, you incentivise your employer to action your solution simply because it’s readily available.

#3 – Mention the benefits to your employer

It is always useful to include reasons why you feel changes would be beneficial to you, but also to your employer. You could outline that you suspect a change would increase productivity, or explain how improving workplace safety would at least reduce the likelihood of employee family members having to contact the likes of to discuss a lawsuit that they would bring against the company in the case of disaster in an unsafe workplace. If you frame changes as good for the employer, simple self-interest can help.

In conclusion

If an element of your job is impacting you in terms of your own well-being or sense of physical safety, then discussing the matter with your employer is a sensible choice – provided you believe they will be receptive. If you suspect they will at least listen to your concerns, the tips above can ensure that the discussion is as productive as possible.

Fancy A Late Beach Vacation?

The beach is a prime holidaying spot, whether you’re someone who likes to kick back and relax or someone who wants to explore to their heart’s content. And if you’re someone who likes to dip their toes in the water or go for a full out swim before rigging up a jet ski, you’re covered here too. The beach is a simple yet beautiful place, and you’re missing out if you don’t book a vacation down to one.

Need a holiday, stat? Got some spare time? If you’re the type to prefer staying on land whilst occasionally popping under the sea, we’ve got you covered! And hey, it’s not too late to schedule yourself a few days away, especially if you’re headed back to work later than everybody else seems to be. So here’s a couple of the best places for you to escape to as one last hurrah for the year.  

Pack All the Right Items

If you’re going on a beach holiday, your suitcase is going to look a little different to the average traveler’s, and for good reason! You’re going to need plenty of towels, and ones that are soft enough to recline on for a good few hours a day. And make sure you pack all the right swimwear as well, as you’re going to have plenty of time to show off your best features!

Most of all, you need to pack plenty of sunblock, and a couple of water bottles you can refuel whenever the sun gets high in the sky. You need to be drinking plenty and protecting yourself from UV rays, even if you headed off in order to chase the sun.

Head Out East

It’s not just Southern Europe and West America that has the best a beach could offer; there’s plenty to see and explore out in Asia as well. And if you’re going on your travels as the last symbol of the summer season, why not make it a big occasion with a long haul flight to boot? There’s a lot of snap worthy scenes out there as well, even if you’re trying to escape the digital.

There’s so many Southern Asian countries that have magical beaches, and there’s a good chance you’ll witness some flora and fauna you won’t get anywhere else. You can look into a list of the Best Beaches in Vietnam right here, or you could do your own research on review sites and in newspaper articles. They always have the top pick for holiday destinations from real people who love to give an honest opinion!

If you’re someone who would love to jetset off in the little time left before reality hits again, then a beach vacation is going to be the best idea for you. Use tips like these to make it a trip to remember, and then get back to the daily grind with a smile on your face.