You may have graduated from college nearly ten years ago, found your first grey hair , or be a homeowner, but still don’t really feel like you’re an adult. It seems that after a certain point, life is pretty much the same, and it flies by, leaving you feeling like you’re still like you’re in your college days, but just a more adult version. But spoiler alert, no one really ever feels like an adult. You may have all of the ‘qualifications’ to be a fully-grown adult, but because of some sort of imposter syndrome it doesn’t always make you feel like you are one. So learning to adult more can be something that can help you to feel more ‘adultier.’ Here are some of the things that you could do to help.

Plan a Routine

There is a reason why children crave routine so much, and really, we all do. But because of certain times in our life, routine can sometime fly out of the window. But to help you be better, be more organized, and get your stuff together, a routine can really help. You can be more efficient with a routine, you know what is coming next, and you can get things done. If you always feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken, then this can be the thing that can help you to feel more in control.

Make Plans For the Future

Guess what guys? The future isn’t too far away. If you look at how fast the past ten years have gone by, then you can only imagine how another ten, and then another ten, could go by. Which is why there is no time like the present to make plans for the future, through things like a will and life insurance. Sure, it isn’t a very fun way to spend money, but it is going to be so beneficial in the long-term, and what is more ‘adultier’ than that? It doesn’t just have to be your future you’re planning for either. If you look at an article like Selfgrowth’s guide to home care for the older generation, then you could see how beneficial it could be. So for your parents, it could be something to look into. Because if you are getting older, they certainly are too.

Organize Your Home

Your home can say a lot about you. So have a look around; what does that say about you? Is it screaming hot mess because there are things all over the floor and the dishes haven’t been done in days? Or are you someone that knows where everything is, even if that does mean all over the floor? Having a home that is organized can give you peace of mind, less stress, and it can be good for your physical health too. So focus on a deep clean of your home, alongside some major organizing.

There are so many other things that could have been added to the list, so it would be great to hear what else you think could work? Thanks for stopping by.


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