We all love the idea of independence. Whether its university dorms, your first shared pad with your significant other, or a flat you live in independently, having a space to call your own is a great feeling. When it gets to the point in your life where you have your own place, then you may be desperate to get stuck in and make it your own. Below are some handy tips to get you inspired for making your first place your own through some simple and easy solutions.

Thinking practically…

DIY projects are a great idea

Simple DIY projects are not only a fun way to spend your time but are also great for anybody who needs to save money. They allow you to put a personal touch to your furniture. Some fun ideas include putting in your own shelves in a window space for plants, upcycling a clothing rack for closet space, and making your own jewelry organizer you can tuck away and keep out of sight.

Think of space-saving solutions

Get creative with shelving as this can be a real space saver, and add hooks here and there to keep your space from getting too cluttered. It can be easy to get carried away with decorating your first home and not think practically. Consider some additions that will help you with everyday living, such as an allocated space for your mail, a closet for your coats and shoes, and savvy additions such as nesting coffee tables.

Think of a colour scheme… and stick to it

Many people get ahead of themselves when they move into their first place. It can be easy to get overexcited and purchase everything in sight when you hit a home store, leaving you with confused décor and clashing colours. Rather, stick to a set theme of several complementing colours, and slowly but surely find key pieces of furniture and décor that tie into this theme. See your place transform over time into a calming space, where yourself and your guests can feel at ease with an aura of balance and tranquility.   

Make it personal…

Invest in cozy additions

Feeling cozy and at home is paramount once you finally move into your own space. To achieve this, consider features that will add style and comfort to your home, along with a modern touch. This could be as simple as modern kitchen appliances, to heating solutions such as bench radiators. After all, what could be better than a comfortable, warm space that also offers the latest in décor for you to enjoy? Head to www.warmrooms.co.uk to get inspired and find out more.

Decorate the walls

Nobody likes a blank wall. Take your time to find some pieces of artwork that really appeal to you, or spend a chilled afternoon collating your favourite photos to put in a multi-picture frame to hang in your living room. Whether you use wallpaper, shelving, houseplants, photos or artwork, give your space a touch of personality and it’ll soon transform into an ultimate cozy pad where you enjoy spending all of your time.


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