We’ve all seen those ridiculous dresses, bags and other fashion items that cost more than a month’s worth of salary. They’re extravagant, they’re luxurious and they’re well out of reach. But why are so many people drawn to these fashion pieces to a point they’d be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a simple fashion piece with a unique branded print on it?

The answer depends from person to person. To those people, it’s worth the money to own something so exclusive that others don’t have. However, for the majority of people in America, they’d be happy paying a fraction of the price for practical fashion.

“Fashion” ultimately comes at a price. When you’re focusing on fashion, you’re not buying something for the practicality, for style or for comfort–you’re buying it for the sake of fitting in and being in-the-know. Thankfully, most people know that fashion doesn’t equal style.

Style is cheap, fashion is not

If you can put together an outfit for under $20 that looks and feels as great as something that cost 10 or even 100 times as much, why would you bother with the expensive option? Simple; it’s fashionable. You wear expensive fashion to be seen, to be a part of the scene and to get noticed. You don’t wear it for your own sake, at least most of the time.

This leads to a conclusion that fashion isn’t always cheap. However, style is cheap, affordable and completely dependent on your needs and interests.

Browse around and find what you like

There are people out there that love the subliminal messages from unique brands and they enjoy the look and feel of those high-end fashion pieces. However, if it’s the style you’re interested in and not the brand, there are hundreds, potentially thousands of places out there that offer unique fashion pieces for a fraction of the price.

A good example is at www.fillyflair.com. There are plenty of unique dresses here that you’d be surprised to find something you don’t like. Plenty of unique patterns, many subtle pieces that don’t stand out too much, and many classic colour palettes that you’d instantly fall in love with. All this for a fraction of what a high-end dress would cost, but still consistent in style and able to make you feel comfortable and express your own tastes.

Fashion is wasteful

Let’s not delve into the politics of where high-end fashion comes from, but instead, consider just how wasteful it is to purchase something that will be out of style come next season. Fashion is just an endless grind to reach the top, but that ceiling is always extending past your reach, causing you to spend thousands of dollars just to be relevant.

Let’s face it, most people couldn’t care less about the high-end fashion world. Most of the people that purchase those items are in-the-know and will wear things based on trends. If you’re serious about creating your own style and looking your best, then only you know what’s best for yourself. Stop thinking about fashion and start thinking about style.


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