When it comes to traveling the world, whether on vacation or on a longer trip, traveling with friends as part of a larger group is always more fun than traveling alone. However, just because group travel can be a lot of fun, that doesn’t mean that getting group travel right is simple or straightforward.

However, just because group travel doesn’t always go to plan, that doesn’t mean that it can’t – you can easily ensure that group travel works seamlessly. The key to success is being clued up about what makes group travel work (and what doesn’t).

Bearing that in mind, below are some tips and ideas for traveling with friends and planning the most amazing trip – for everything that you need to know, read on.

Plan as a group

Problems usually start when someone feels left out, so when it comes to group travel it’s important to plan as a group. Organise a group meeting where you all get together and discuss your upcoming trip. Ask everyone to tell you their idea for your trip, such as the destination, and then get everyone to vote on each option to determine which three are the most popular.

Then, the next step is to ask if everyone is happy for you to deal with the organising for the trip. If everyone says yes, then you can begin to organise things. Get quotes for each of the three locations and then ask the group to vote on which trip they would prefer to take. Make sure that every important decision, from where you go to which hotel you stay in comes down to a vote as that way it’s fair.

Communicate clearly

Organising a group trip can be somewhat stressful, which is why clear communication is key. A great way to communicate more easily with everyone, especially if you are not all located in the same area, is to create a Whatsapp group. It’s important that every aspect of your trip is properly discussed, to prevent arguments from breaking out.

Take advantage of group size

One of the many benefits of traveling as part of a large group is the fact that usually, large groups can get some fantastic perks, such as discount prices on certain attractions, for instance. So, before heading off on your trip, make sure to contact attractions to find out what discount you can get.

You might also want to research how you will travel to your destinations, as when you are traveling in a large group, you tend to have a far wider range of options. While you might normally book tickets on a regular plane, it might work out cheaper with a large group to book a private plane instead.

Create a trip itinerary

When you have lots of people who are traveling together, things can get confusing that is why planning an iteneary is such a good idea, as that way everyone knows what’s going on and when. There are no miscommunications, as everyone has a copy of what’s been planned for when.

Group trips can be a lot of fun, it’s just a case of ensuring that you know how to organise them properly, that’s all.


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