People hear that you travel and blog and think it’s the best job in the world. “You get to go on vacation and work abroad? Wow, that’s amazing!” They automatically assume it’s the easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is open up a laptop and pour your experiences onto the page and get paid.

The reality is a little different. Working and traveling don’t come as easy because there is a lot to fit in and not enough hours. You try sightseeing, blogging and partying in one day. It’s tiring!

There’s an art to it, and here are some of the secrets you need to know.

Stick To A Flexible Schedule

Remember that you’re traveling and blogging at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to experience the sight-seeing part of the tour. Otherwise, you won’t have anything to talk about other than the hostels because you’ll spend all day indoors. On average, one to two posts per week should be enough to keep the traffic levels high. Plus, it’s not hard to do a couple of 500-word pieces. Get the majority done while you’re “relaxing” after a night out or on a bus or train to a new town or city.

Upload Photos And Vids

Typical blogs post content pretty much all of the time. Well, times have changed and multimedia is now the king. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to upload things that don’t have any text. Let the video or the images do the hard work. Number one, it whittles down your workload and gives you more time to enjoy the experience. Number two, readers love it because it’s interactive. Also, it provides them with a better view. Instead of imagining it in their heads, they can see it live and in color. A vlog is an excellent illustration.


When time is tight, you need to rely on others to help out. Now, they won’t do it for free, but they might be well worth the expense. First of all, they’ll take the pressure off your shoulders and ease the tension. Secondly, they’ll let you go out into the world and see things which you can write about that will boost the traffic and your earnings. You can find a bunch of great copy editors here or you can use cheap labor on your travels. Usually, people with wanderlust have experience in the field and will do it for a byline or a like or a comment.

Take It Seriously

Although you want to have a good time, you will have to make sacrifices at times. Bloggers can’t drop everything and go to the beach in the middle of the day. They have to stick to a schedule, no matter how flexible it is or else concentration levels drop. When you need to work, make sure you’re focused and driven to complete the tasks for the day. During your free-time is when you get to do the fun things.

Do you think traveling and blogging are as easy as it looks now?


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