Life is all about having a happy and fulfilled time. It’s about building meaningful connections, making lifelong friendships and being happy and positive. Something that a lot of people believe in is the concept of ‘paying it forward’ – doing something nice for someone else and building up good karma as a result.

Paying it forward is something that a lot of people like to do to help secure their future. There’s a belief that by doing nice things for others, life will pay you back with nice things in return. Even if this isn’t a concept that you believe in, there’s never anything wrong with doing something nice for someone else.

There are so many ways that you can pay it forward, some of which are simple and quick, others of which are slightly more complicated. Like the idea of paying it forward and doing good to help others? Then you might want to have a read of these ideas below for ways that you can pay it forward.

Be kind

One of the simplest ways that you can pay it forward is to be kind to anyone and everyone. Kindness shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, it is something that we should get into the habit of doing on a regular basis. Being kind is so simple and so easy, and yet far too few people are kind to others.

Being kind isn’t about big gestures, it’s about doing small things that make other people feel good. Whether that’s offering someone your seat on the train, letting a passerby know that they dropped some money, or helping a young parent who is struggling with a child having a tantrum in public, it doesn’t matter.

Kindness is so easy to give, and so we should be paying it forward by being kind whenever we can. Kindness doesn’t cost a penny, so there’s no reason not to be kind, is there?

Help other people

At one point or another, we all need help and when that happens it’s nice to have someone on hand who is willing to help you. Of course, that isn’t always the case, which is why wherever possible you should try and be the person offering help. Think about how you would feel if you were in the situation warranting help and what you would want people to do to help you.

Helping someone out can be as simple as giving them the 10p that they’re short at the gas station or as complex as offering to help them solve a serious problem. It could be a stranger who you help or a friend or family member, it’s not about who you help, it’s about taking that step and choosing to help other people.

When it comes to helping others, there are so many things that you can do. Say a friend is struggling to feed her family, you could help her out financially. Or, say a relative needs help with conceiving, you could look at the ConceiveAbilities surrogacy program and consider being a surrogate. Or, if a colleague is in need of help with their work, you could offer to help them.

Make people happy

An important part of paying it forward is taking the time to make people happy. Happiness is the key to a long and happy life, which is why it’s so important that not only are you happy but that you also take steps to help make other people happy too.

Making other people happy feels totally amazing, it’s also a wonderful way to pay it forward. The great thing about making people happy is that it is so easy to do, sometimes it’s as simple as paying someone a compliment, other times all it takes is doing something nice like buying a homeless person a coffee and a piece of cake.

There are so many ways that you can make people happy, it’s just a case of knowing the best ways to do that. It all depends on the person and the environment, in regards to how you can make them happy. Say, for instance, you have a retirement home nearby and you want to make the residents living there happy, you could opt to bake them cupcakes, or spend time reading to them, or organizing a singalong session each week.

If you believe in doing good and paying it forward, the tips and ideas above should help you to find simple ways to do more for other people.


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