Sometimes that squidgy stress ball just won’t cut it. Feeling overwhelmed by worry and anxiety can be crippling, and you need to arm yourself with strategies that will help you to snap out of a damaging mindset. We can become stressed for many reasons, and all are as valid as one another. You don’t have to justify why you are feeling under pressure, suffering from pangs of anxiety or you are feeling depression wash over you. Your mental health is as important as your physical wellbeing and with the stigma now being broken down, you don’t have to worry about talking about your problems and asking for help. If you want to banish stress from your life, take a look at these three sure-fire stress busters for inspiration.

Eat Better

The chances are that when you are under intense stress that you will radically alter your normal eating habits. Some people choose to binge eat, chowing down on junk food, candy and chips. Others do the polar opposite and don’t eat at all. Both of these will leave your body nutritionally unbalanced which can lead to headaches, nausea and hormone imbalances. To combat this, you need to force yourself to eat better. While you might not feel like heading out for a swanky meal, try to cook something from scratch. The challenge could be just what you need to refocus your mind away from more negative thoughts. Use fresh ingredients and enjoy experimenting in an attempt to come up with a culinary masterpiece.

Don’t Be Alone

While it’s ok to want your own space, you cannot live like a hermit forever. It’s vital that you talk through your problems with a with a friend or with a professional. If the cause of your stress is financial worries, consider seeking out the services of The Credit Counselling Society. These caring professionals won’t just listen to your problems, but will also provide you with the tools to overhaul your money worries and bring a little bit of clarity to your chaotic situation. Sometimes we cannot work through our problems alone and need the professional input of others. Even if you just call up a friend, text your sibling or meet a pal for coffee, unloading your problems really will give you a welcome sense of release.

Technology Detox

Sometimes having our heads buried in our smartphones and tablets scrolling through endless social media feeds can be damaging to our mental health. The seemingly perfect lives of our pals displayed for all to see on Instagram aren’t real; they are filtered to alter reality using Amaro and Hefe. Nevertheless, these images can make us feel worthless and damage our self-esteem. To combat this, have a social media detox. Shun Facebook to read a book instead, go catch a movie or head out for a meal with friends. This ban on all things electronic can result in your mood lifting and your headspace focusing on more important aspects of your life rather than your Twitter feed.

Your mental health is a key part of your wellbeing as a whole. Don’t bottle up your feelings or neglect the importance of your emotions. Use this guide to help you banish stress for good.


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