The beach is a prime holidaying spot, whether you’re someone who likes to kick back and relax or someone who wants to explore to their heart’s content. And if you’re someone who likes to dip their toes in the water or go for a full out swim before rigging up a jet ski, you’re covered here too. The beach is a simple yet beautiful place, and you’re missing out if you don’t book a vacation down to one.

Need a holiday, stat? Got some spare time? If you’re the type to prefer staying on land whilst occasionally popping under the sea, we’ve got you covered! And hey, it’s not too late to schedule yourself a few days away, especially if you’re headed back to work later than everybody else seems to be. So here’s a couple of the best places for you to escape to as one last hurrah for the year.  

Pack All the Right Items

If you’re going on a beach holiday, your suitcase is going to look a little different to the average traveler’s, and for good reason! You’re going to need plenty of towels, and ones that are soft enough to recline on for a good few hours a day. And make sure you pack all the right swimwear as well, as you’re going to have plenty of time to show off your best features!

Most of all, you need to pack plenty of sunblock, and a couple of water bottles you can refuel whenever the sun gets high in the sky. You need to be drinking plenty and protecting yourself from UV rays, even if you headed off in order to chase the sun.

Head Out East

It’s not just Southern Europe and West America that has the best a beach could offer; there’s plenty to see and explore out in Asia as well. And if you’re going on your travels as the last symbol of the summer season, why not make it a big occasion with a long haul flight to boot? There’s a lot of snap worthy scenes out there as well, even if you’re trying to escape the digital.

There’s so many Southern Asian countries that have magical beaches, and there’s a good chance you’ll witness some flora and fauna you won’t get anywhere else. You can look into a list of the Best Beaches in Vietnam right here, or you could do your own research on review sites and in newspaper articles. They always have the top pick for holiday destinations from real people who love to give an honest opinion!

If you’re someone who would love to jetset off in the little time left before reality hits again, then a beach vacation is going to be the best idea for you. Use tips like these to make it a trip to remember, and then get back to the daily grind with a smile on your face.


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