There’s a lot to consider when planning a vacation. You need to think about everything from flights to accommodation. Those who enjoy preparing may even book things like transport and excursions. All the better for ensuring a smooth trip.

Given how much you need to do, it’s no surprise many of us now take to the web here. Let’s be honest; phone calls are a pain in the backside. Calling overseas can cost a bomb within a matter of minutes. What’s more, you’d have to carve time out for this purpose. By comparison, booking online is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your daily commute.

The sad reality is, though, that clicking the wrong buttons on the wrong site could lead to a hacker draining your bank account faster than you know. Not only would you then miss out on vacation, but you’d also be unable to book again. It’s far from ideal!

Does this mean you should never book vacation stuff online? Not at all. But, you should bear in mind that the tourism industry i valuable. As such, there are plenty of people waiting to take advantage. To make sure they don’t catch you out, consider the following before you click buy.

Opt for trusted companies where possible

It’s always worth sticking with trusted companies for safety. By buying both flights and accommodation from a recognizable travel agent’s site, for instance, you can rest easy all is well. You certainly shouldn’t get any horrible surprises. Bear in mind that there is such a thing as copycat sites, so you still need to be careful. But, if the contact info and connection security seem okay, you’re on pretty sound footing here.

Read reviews

In some cases, it isn’t possible to stick to companies you know. If you’re booking excursions, you’ll probably need to do so on unfamiliar sites. Even if you’re taking out a car or yacht rental, you may need to go with companies local to your destination. But, you can still stay safe. The main thing is to check the reviews on both the website and the web as a whole. If you’re looking into renting a yacht from GlobeSailor, for instance, you’d want to both read the GlobeSailor reviews, and do a quick Google search to see what people say. The same applies to any car rental company or ticket booking site. All the better for making sure the company is legit and trustworthy.

Print proof of purchase

Many would argue that proof of purchase isn’t necessary. In most cases, they’d be right. Many companies can pull up an online booking from their computers. But, you’re traveling abroad, and you can’t be sure that’ll be the case. Plus, you’ll be a little far from a printer if you do run into trouble. To make sure it doesn’t happen, take time to print proof of bookings or e-tickets before your flight. That way, you at least have backing to prove you really have already paid.


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