Minimalism is everywhere at the moment. Lifestyle magazines are packed with advice on how to make more with less. Sites like Pinterest are shouting about the benefits of minimalist decor. And, here in the fashion world, we’re all about minimalist outfits with maximum impact. We’re so hot on muted colors right now that we’be practically resorted back to the good old capsule wardrobe days outlined on sites like And, it’s not only our color schemes which are getting attention.


Given that accessories are the busy parts of most outfits, these have also come under scrutiny lately. But, if you’re clasping onto your precious necklaces in fear, loosen your grip. Minimalist fashion doesn’t mean doing away with jewelry. It just means less is more right now.

Of course, getting on top of this isn’t easy if you’re used to piling on the pieces. So, to help you transition, we’re going to look at a few ways to make minimalism work with your jewelry game.

Use statement pieces

Instead of a load of cheap clothes, a minimalist wardrobe would have two or three statement pieces. Well, the same rules apply to jewelry. Getting stuck in here doesn’t mean you have to buy the blandest jewelry you can find. It merely means you should invest in chunky statement pieces so you can wear less of them. One statement necklace, for instance, is sure to work better than two necklaces and a set of bangles. It’s a subtle and slim-lined approach, but it still catches the eye and completes your outfit.

Make every piece count

Let’s be honest; we’re all guilty of buying cheap jewelry. All the better for keeping variety in your collection. But, when you’re operating on reduced pieces, it’s essential to make each one count. So, forget stocking up on cheap multi-packets of anything. Instead, you should take time finding fewer pieces of jewelry which you can get behind. Look out for reviews on sites like, which will help you find the right retailers for the job. Then, don’t be afraid to spend a little more than usual. After all, you’re buying less, so this shouldn’t cost you more in the long-run. Yet, you can rest easy those few expensive pieces will be enough to see you through for a long time to come.

Avoid color

We’ve saved the worst until last, but there’s a valid reason for this. Often, color is a no-go in capsule wardrobe basics. Instead, we add splashes using jackets or scarves. All the better for ensuring every piece of clothing works well together. Well, the same rules apply to your jewelry. No matter how hard you try, it’ll be impossible to fit colored pieces with every outfit you own. As such, you’ll have no choice but to buy more to suit your needs. Don’t do it to yourself. Instead, stick with pure gold or silver depending on which suits your color scheme. Then, you can wear those few pieces every single day without worry.  


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