Vietnam used to be a war zone, but it’s now a hotspot for travelers thanks to its history and culture. Anyone with ambitions to see the world is bound to end up in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi and everywhere in between. And, if you don’t, then it’s time to rethink your plans because ‘Nam is truly special.

It’s beautiful, it’s accommodating, and it’s easy for foreigners.

Still, turning up to the country and coming out unscathed isn’t straightforward. There are road accidents, charges and briberies to navigate. Here are four ways to survive Vietnam and have the experience of a lifetime.

Invest In Insurance Policies

Thousands of travelers buy motorcycles and ride up and down the east coast of the country. Sadly, thousands of these Easy Riders also end up with injuries ranging from serious to scratches or scrapes. You can find more info here, but the gist is simple: negligence leads to accidents. And, compared to what you’re used to, Vietnamese motorists are pretty careless. Wearing a helmet and anticipating what people will do next are two options, but you can’t guarantee anything. Therefore, medical insurance is essential in case you end up in a hospital or need any kind of treatment. Vehicle insurance can help too.

Keep Your Bribe Money Separate

Now, the uninitiated will think “what do you mean, bribe money?” Well, the fact is that Southeast Asian police forces are open to bribes and you can use them to get out of tight spots. It may not sound right or mix with your ethical values, but it’s the truth and it’s worth noting. The problem foreigners find is that the locals know they have plenty of cash and will hold them to ransom. So, clever farangs keep their bribe money in their wallets and the rest of their budget in a secret pocket. That way, you only have to pay $10 for jaywalking or something insignificant.

Don’t Do Drugs

As a motto, this is a good one in most countries around the world. In and around Southeast Asia, it’s particularly pertinent because the drug laws are incredibly strict. In Vietnam, as in Thailand and Indonesia, a person can receive the death penalty for possessing a small number of narcotics. And, your government can’t always step in, as was the case for the Australians in Bali. Find out more here. Everyone wants to have a good time, yet it’s better to stick to the stuff which won’t get you arrested and killed, such as alcohol.

Watch The World Go By

Vietnamese people look lovely and friendly, but some of them will try and con you for money purposes. One which is prevalent in HCM city is a taxi scam where the driver rides around for thirty minutes and claims you owe him X amount. In truth, he has driven in circles and overcharged you for the privilege. So, looking out of the window and remembering landmarks can save you a fortune.

Are you ready to journey into the jungle?


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