Everyone appreciates the fun and excitement of heading off to an all-inclusive hotel on the beach with their nearest and dearest. Likewise, the romantic couple’s city break or epic road trip with friends can be immensely enjoyable. Sometimes, though, it might just be better to go alone.

The prospect of packing up your things and taking a trip around the world may feel somewhat daunting. In reality, that, popping that solo travel cherry is likely to unlock a future filled with fantastic adventures. Here are just five reasons to consider the solo route.

  • You get to go where you wish to go. Whether it’s visiting Africa, backpacking across Europe, or taking on the Inca Trail in Peru doesn’t matter. Travelling alone gives you the perfect chance to create an itinerary that’s built solely around your needs. Do the things you want to do. See the things you want to see. And travel on the days that are suited to you. What more could any travel enthusiast ask for?
  • You become forced to meet new people and soak in the local culture. In truth, these aspects are sure to take your adventures to the next level as you’ll gain a far more authentic insight into those destinations. From unearthing attractions that aren’t in the guidebooks to learning new skills or an appreciation of people, those rewards are enormous. When travelling in a group, it’s far easier to keep yourselves to yourselves, missing out on those stunning features.

  • It’s cheaper. The thought of sharing accommodation and car rentals may make the holiday seem cheaper at a glance. However, you’ll be less likely to waste money on expensive meals or activities that you don’t even want to do. Besides, the money-conscious traveller can often find cheap room rentals or ways of saving money that the rest of the group may not agree with. Once again, that added sense of control keeps you in the driving seat.
  • You’ll gain the chance to do something productive. This could range from Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to helping out with a volunteer scheme elsewhere. Whether it’s self-development or doing something for others, the rewards bring a special ingredient to your adventures. Aside from making the trip itself feel more rewarding, it should give you the memories that will last a lifetime. Not least if the new skills can help you back home!
  • You gain the chance to enjoy your own company. Let’s face it; being stuck with someone on a 24/7 basis can lead to friendship breakups. Time alone gives you a chance to fully recharge your batteries in every sense of the word. Even the simple activities like reading a book can become more fun. You’ll still stay in touch with loved ones through Skype and digital communication, but this is your chance to have the whole holiday on your terms. It will not go unappreciated.   

So, while group holidays still have a role to play, solo travel can be ideal for both short breaks and longer trips. Once you’ve done one, you’ll never look back.


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