Ask yourself a question, how do you know what new technology is coming out? If you don’t physically Google the words they how do you know what new smartphone is coming out into the market? How do you know what kind of updates and improvements to services are being made? For the most part, it’s just part of circumstance for most people. We see retweets, shares and what our friends have liked on our social media timeline. That’s how many people stay informed but on average if you’re not in the know and not part of set groups that are awaiting these new advancements, then you will almost always learn about them second hand. Consumers in a way feel lost then because there’s so much to keep up with. Everyone agrees that with the age of information, comes the bombardment of information. Our brains aren’t built to cope with copious amounts of information that’s new, changing, updating and sometimes being retracted due to false rumors. So in the end, what occupation is needed to fix these issues?


Social media strategist

Sounds like a bizarre made-up role ‘social media strategist’ right? Well, that’s because it is, it’s a very recent new role in business that has risen toward the top ranks of importance. Billions of people use social media and if you don’t have a strategy to reach them and present your products then you are going to fall dangerously behind. A strategist won’t just figure out how to build a following and fan base on social media, they will keep them interested and maybe even be their first contact. Large companies like Formula One and Netflix don’t have the CEOs writing tweets and Facebook posts. The social media director gives the order of the day to the strategist and they write posts that are in keeping with the company values and tone. Sharing links that guide consumers to discounts, sales and prizes is your bread and butter for the most part.


Getting serious

Starting a career as a social media strategist isn’t difficult. Some companies may just want someone who is young and knows everything there is about social media and how trends, hashtags, and effective announcements are made and campaigns are run. However, for the top job of director or analyst, you may want to take an online psychology degree that focuses on consumer behavior and organizational psychology. During the course, you’ll learn about social media tactics and analyzing consumer behavior in the online world. Emojis are quite easy to understand but nowadays the young buyers communicate in gifs that are expressive and emotional. Rather than use words, a person’s thoughts can be conveyed merely by posting a snippet from a movie scene or real-world event. Understand the psychological reasons why such a modern phenomenon is popular is part and parcel of the course.

If the customer of a business has to learn about their new product through a friend and not directly, something is missing in the line of communication. Social media strategists and directors strive to not only keep consumers informed but build a holistic relationship with them day in and day out.


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