So, you want to start a business? If so, you are in very good company. However, while many people believe they have the entrepreneurial spirit, the reality is that ‘spirit’ alone isn’t enough to make a business a success. There are plenty of nuts and bolts that you need to know beforehand, and this essential knowledge for entrepreneurs should be the bare minimum you learn before starting a company. Let’s take a look at what it takes to ensure your new company has the best possible chance of surviving – and thriving.

A passion

First and foremost, passion is the fire that will ignite your business. If something consumes you every single moment of the day, it’s usually a good sign. Passion isn’t the be-all, of course, but it is a vital cog in the wheel. If you are just trying to start a business to make money rather than tap into your own passionate interests, the chances are you won’t make it.

A personality

Make no mistake about it – starting and running a business is tough. You need to be optimistic, full of initiative, and have a big vision that you can explain to others easily. You also need drive, persistence, and incredibly thick skin – rejection and failure is a large part of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Do you like taking risks, but can you also rein in your emotions when things are uncertain? If so, perhaps you have a chance of success.

Practical skills

It’s fair to say that as a business owner, you need a well-rounded skill set. Can you plan and organize, or could you benefit from finding a cofounder that can? Do you have a good general knowledge of the business world, or would you benefit from taking an operations manager degree online? And finally, do you even have the time? Becoming an entrepreneur will take up every hour of the day, and is incredibly hard work. If you have a young family, are you prepared to lose all that precious time with them?

Communication skills

Are you able to communicate with all types of people, from workers in your business all the way through to investors and potential clients? If not, you had better get practicing! Part of the art of running a successful business is being able to explain what you want and what you mean. You have to sell your vision to get people behind you – and

A network

Even though you are going it alone, the entrepreneurial world is no place for people that hide. Put simply, you have to get yourself out there. Networking will play a vital role in the success of your business, so if you are the shy and retiring type, you had best work out some tactics to deal with the inevitable. Of course, you don’t have to be a loud, crazy extrovert to be a successful business person – in fact, many top entrepreneurs are introverts. But you do need to find a way of getting out there and networking.


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