Business owners constantly have to search for new ways to motivate their employees to exceed targets each time, with some using incentives to get the desired results. These can be daily incentives that are smaller in stature, to larger ones at the end of the month. It creates a bit of friendly competition and is a great way to bring the team together. 

However, what kind of incentives can business owners offer their teams? Here are four ideas that will get your employees working hard to get their hands on them, and won’t hurt the purse strings too much. 

Time Related Incentives 

As Dolly Parton once said, nine-to-five is a way to make a living, but not everybody thrives in that environment, and the straightforward eight-hour format doesn’t always make for a productive team. Instead of working to a timescale, business owners can create time-related incentives by setting tasks and targets that must be achieved by a certain time, and once they are reached, the employee can go home.  

If you start work at 9 am, and you know there is a chance you could get all your work completed by 3 pm, wouldn’t it make you work smarter as well as harder, and finish two hours earlier as a result? It’s win-win for the business and the employee. 

Something to Enjoy at Work 

If your boss came to work and said: ‘If we achieve these targets by this date/time, I’m going to treat you to something special,’ chances are you’re going to work a little bit harder so you can hit those targets and find out what the incentive is. Business owners should be aware of what their employees are into, and they can form their reward based on this. For example, if you’re all into wine, you could have a wine and cheese night in the office. If you’re into films, you can get some pizzas in and watch the latest Marvel blockbuster. Whatever you do, the name of the game is to let off steam after achieving something significant to the workplace. 

Tickets to a Show 

If you want to give your employees something to work hard for over the course of a working month, you can purchase tickets for a show, sporting event or concert and announce at the beginning of the month that the person with the most sales (or whatever the target might be) will win the tickets. You can make it interesting by keeping a scoreboard that your team can see, although this might hurt the feelings of the team members who stand no chance of winning. Sites such as have hundreds of listings, so you can get your tickets in advance and be safe in the knowledge that they are booked and ready for the winner. 

Make a Donation 

If you watch game shows on TV, you will notice that the celebrity editions of these shows don’t end with the already well-off celeb walking off with a chunk of money like the regular guests would do. Instead, they get to give their winnings to the charity of their choice, which is a great incentive that business owners can replicate in their workplace competitions. 

For example, you might say that the winner of the most sales in June will receive £50 to give to the charity, fundraising event or crowdfunding campaign of their choice. It’s a great way to do something good for a cause that you may have never heard of before but will make the employee who wins the incentive feel extra special when they pay it over. 


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