The price of travel is getting pretty high these days and you might find that you can’t afford to go away as often as you’d like. One of the easiest ways to save on travel, especially flights, is to go during the winter months when airlines offer cheaper seats to fill all of the spaces. Most people tend to visit Asia in the summer but it’ll cost you a lot less to get there in the winter. However, certain places aren’t that great during the colder months so if you’re planning a winter trip to Asia, these are the places you should stick to.


Japan is an incredible country that blends ancient tradition with modernism and it has a lot to offer all year round. But in the winter, you’ll get a unique Japanese experience. The Otaru canal, in particular, is the perfect destination for the winter. It plays host to the snow light path festival; all of the locals come out and place candles and lanterns into the canal. The beautiful light display coupled with the snow is an incredible sight to behold. Sapporo also has its own snow festival every year; head over to to get some great tours of the area during the festival. If you want to get out of the cities and get in touch with nature during the winter, the Iya Valley is perfect. The beautiful landscapes have been largely untouched by the tourist boom in Japan and they look particularly magical during the winter.


Singapore is a wonderful destination but the weather can be a bit overbearing during the summer. If you don’t do well with the heat, you might struggle so it’s better to go in the winter instead. It’ll be a lot cooler and you’ll have more freedom to enjoy the city. If you go in January, you can catch the St. Jerome’s Laneway festival; a great music festival that attracts some of the biggest acts from around the world. Visit to see who you can see next year. You should also head down to the Marina Bay to see the results of recent development in Singapore. The area boasts stunning architecture, great restaurants and museums and even a casino if you’re feeling lucky.


When people are looking for places to go on a skiing trip, they’ll usually look at places in Europe. There are some amazing ski resorts all around the continent but if you want something a bit different, why not go skiing in Asia instead? Pyeongchang in South Korea houses the Olympic city used for the winter Olympics, and there are some incredible ski slopes with some awe inspiring views of the Taebaek Mountains. The food in Pyeongchang is great too, especially the world famous Korean beef, a lot of which is produced in the area. There are some amazing bbq restaurants cooking up delicious dishes with this local delicacy.

Asia is a beautiful continent to visit in the summer but the flights can be a bit expensive. If you want to save money and get a different experience, you should consider heading out there in the winter instead.


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