Of all the cities we have been lucky enough to explore, there is absolutely no denying that New York City is up there with the best of them. Wait. that doesn’t quite do it justice, so let me rephrase it: there’s no denying New York City is the greatest city in the universe. There. That’s more like it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

A visit to the Big Apple – whether for a summer, winter, a couple of weeks or just a weekend – means packing a whole bunch of survival skills into your hold-all or else this concrete jungle with chew you up, spit you out and then decide it wants seconds.

So, without further ado, here are some of the not-so-great things about stopping by NYC; the kind everyone needs to be aware before being taken by surprise in the same way attending a zoo with no safety glass would.

  1. Food costs about four times as much here as it does in the next most expensive city on earth and about a ten-times more than it does in Europe. That means even the most delicious hot dog can be hard to stomach.
  2. Taking a train of any kind means you have to become a method actor and play the role of tinned sardine. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a mainline train or leaping onto the subway; every carriage is overcrowded.
  3. Walking isn’t much better, and not just because the streets are overrun with a) New Yorkers in a hurry or b) tourists look up at the skyscrapers. The other issue is the number of cars speeding about and tooting their horns, so much so you might want to open www.GetLegal.nyc/new-york-city-car-accident-lawyers/ on your phone before you leave your hotel. The other thing is: in the summer is super-hot and in the winter is freeeeezing.
  4. Central Park is not the relaxing place you would hope to go for a stroll and that’s because the cyclists here look like they are practicing for the next Tour De France the way they speed around the paths, some of them even getting angry at the ambling walkers trying to escape the fast-paced nature of NYC.
  5. Cabs are a pretty safe bet when it comes to traveling the city. But it’s by no means perfect. In fact, there is about a 50% chance you’ll land yourself with a careless driver, a rude driver or a driver that refuses to go to certain neighborhoods because it doesn’t suit them. That can get tedious.
  6. Pigeons. Now we like pigeons simply because they have managed to adapt to rise of humans and make our habitats their habitats too. But the pigeons in New York are crazy. They dive-bomb. That’s crazy.
  7. Phone calls are pointless unless you have sound-cancelling headphones. There is just too much noise.
  8. There is all this not-so-great-stuff to concern yourself with and yet – somehow – this city is a million times greater than the one you grew up in. That’s annoying.


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