Experiencing employee turnover is inevitable, especially in this day and age where top talent only hangs about for three-or-so years before wanting to wave their wand of awesomeness elsewhere. Lifelong careers are no longer a thing, and so it’s only natural for employees to come and go. Most of the time this is manageable.

The problem starts to become horrendous when you are experiencing high-employee turnover and this isn’t just because it is financially ruining you or upsetting the apple cart, but because a high-turnover will show up on something called Glassdoor, and that site knows how to rank highly on Google et al.

Basically, if you have a lot of employees coming and going, you need to do something about it. That’s why we have pulled together a few tips and tricks that will encourage your talented employees to stick around a lot longer:

  1. Hire Right, Alright

The best way to keep your employees is to perfect your recruiting process and only hire people that are right for your business. That means looking beyond a candidate’s application and resume and seeing if they are actually a good fit for your company’s culture and not just someone who has the right skills. After all, skills can be taught but personality can’t.

  1. Pay Them Better

Sure, people want to work somewhere they feel valued and important and zen and all that stuff, but they also want to be well-compensated. There’s no escaping that fact. Food costs money, and so do the tiles over their heads. Alas, you need to pay them a competitive salary and offer attractive perks and, if you don’t, they will find a company that does.

  1. Lay Down A Career Path

No one wants to feel like they are standing still as the world around them turns at an increasing rate. No way. People want to better themselves. They want to feel like they are growing and learning and climbing the career ladder. To do help them, have team development days, employ a digital marketing firm, send them to seminars, have monthly workshops, mentor them and show them what they need to do to get from where they are to where they want to be.

  1. Praise Them Like You Should

Us humans are sensitive souls. We thrive on motivation and encouragement and praise. Know this and use this. When an employee does something good or great, show them how much you appreciate it. When they crush a big project, congratulate them and do it in public. When you promote someone, make your entire business aware of it by sending an around robin email. Whatever it takes to praise those who deserve it.

  1. Flexible Is Forever

The biggest change in the workplace is the new need for flexibility. Employees want flexibility. They want to work flexi-hours and have the chance to work remotely, and no matter how preposterous you think this might be, there are enough companies out there that allow it for your employees to up sticks and move.


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