Love is the best feeling in the world, and there are many forms of love. The love we’re talking about today is the relationship kind of love. The kind that sends your stomach into knots even thinking about that person. The kind that makes you feel safe. The kind that most importantly, makes you feel loved, and want to give out every ounce that you have in you. Got an anniversary coming up? Or maybe you just want to show your partner how much they mean to you because they make you feel special and loved every day of the year? Take a look at these romantic ideas for that special person in your life, so that you can give back to them as much as they give to you.

Whisk them off to London

Why London, I hear you say? Well, London is packed to the brim of magical theatres, fine dining, and cityscapes for you to admire and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love when you’re on the London Eye. Take them for a guided tour around the Warner Bros studios so that they can be a part of the magical films they’ve fallen in love with so much. Basically, a weekend in London is guaranteed to be fun packed and super romantic.

Surprise them with a holiday

If you’re looking to push the boat out even more with your romancing, then why not surprise your partner with a holiday? Sort out all of the arrangements with their bosses so that they don’t have to worry about a thing. If your partner enjoys the great outdoors, you could book a holiday near or in Istanbul, where they offer a half day walking tour in Istanbul, where you’ll be guided around the hotspots and learn about the history of Istanbul. Imagine being led straight to the best places so that both you and your partner can have an amazing time!

Give them a ‘me’ day

Sometimes, the best way to show someone that you care for them is by giving them time for themselves. So, why not stock the fridge with their favourite snacks and drinks, and let them kick back for a few hours doing as they please? If you know they like a bubble bath, run one and leave them to soak their day away and truly relax. It might not seem like a romantic thing to do as such, but allowing them to relax and unwind will make all of the difference!

Buy them a gift

This sounds extremely cliché, but sometimes buying your loved one a gift every now and then can be extremely romantic. Pay attention for things they mention that they would like. Whether it be a new perfume, or a game to play on the Playstation, every little gift will mean the world to them!

Also, try and use your initiative when it comes to buying gifts. While buying them something they want is great, sometimes the unexpected and thoughtful gifts are the best. Surprise your partner with your creativity and buy them a super romantic gift to show them how much you love them.

Do something on their behalf

Does your partner believe strongly in a particular charity? Are they passionate about a certain animal? Listen out for little things like these so that you can do something on their behalf. For example, if your partner loves pandas, then why not donate some money towards the PANDAS foundation? It will help save the animal that they love the most and also come across as extremely thoughtful and loving.

Alternatively, you could do something that they do daily instead of them having to do it. Whether it be taking the children to school or unloading the dishwasher, doing something for them will help take a load off their backs!

Cook a meal for them

Finally, one of the most romantic, yet most used trick in the book is to cook your partner their favourite meal. Grab a few cold ones for the fridge, cook them a meal, slip into something sexy and let the night take you away.

Make the effort for the person that you love the most because love is such a precious thing, and quite frankly, life is too short not to savour every moment with that person!


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