Whether you’re traveling abroad to a tropical locale or hiking up mountains in some forgotten wilderness, it is always advisable to pack wisely. You don’t want to lug heavy amounts of luggage around with you – it’s bad for your back, and it raises the airport fees – so it’s necessary to have a few tips and tricks to help you on your travels. Have a look at the following, and consider them when you’re packing your bags for your summer holidays.

Don’t overpack your clothes. Your wardrobe may be fabulous, but you won’t need to take everything. Focus on the essentials, and store them in a rolling suitcase, especially one with plenty of compartments. The same applies for your shoes. They take up a lot of space, so only pack those that are going to complement your holiday, such as a pair of flip-flops for the beach, and a pair of sneakers if you’re hiking.

Carry a spare set of clothes with you. Airports have a habit of losing luggage – why, we don’t know – so always carry something with you in your hand luggage for you to change into later. You don’t need to overpack as we said, so focus on the necessities, such as a spare pair of underwear and an outfit suitable for your destination.

Don’t pack your hairdryer. Yes, you want to care for your hair when traveling, but a hairdryer (and straightener, curling iron, etc.) will take up too much room in your luggage. Focus on smaller, lighter items, such as a brush or a comb, and don’t put anything into your bags that are easily obtainable while you’re away. The hotel is probably going to have a hairdryer you can use, for example.

Bring something for the journey. Again, focussing on traveling light, don’t pack too many things to entertain you on your journey. You can download books through a Kindle app on your smartphone, and if there is no chance of wifi, you can watch or listen to your favourite YouTube videos with a youtube to mp3 converter.

Wear a money belt. Not only will you be able to carry your cash around with you safely (away from pickpockets), but some money belts have enough space for your other travel essentials, such as your passport and credit cards. They aren’t all bulky either (a giveaway for pesky thieves), as Amazon sells a range of money belts that are lightweight and comfortable.

Don’t forget a first-aid kit. An absolute essential, you need a first-aid kit stocked with something for every foreseeable circumstance. Use this handy checklist as a guide, or buy a pre-packaged first-aid kit which should normally contain everything you are likely to need. Unlike that extra pair of shoes, this is one item of luggage that is a guaranteed life-saver while you’re away.

Remember a USB charger. There is an app for everything these days, especially useful when you’re travelling. From navigation apps to downloadable info on what to see and do, your smartphone will be your dedicated traveling companion. Well, it will be provided it is charged up, so don’t forget to pack a portable USB charger that can be used anywhere on your travels.


We hope these packing tips have been useful, but let us know if you have any further advice for our readers. Thanks for reading, and happy traveling!


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