You have tried every so called ‘healthy’ lifestyle trick in the book; from fad diets to wild exercise regimes you have experienced them all. You wish that there was a healthy way of eating and living that you actually enjoyed, but you just can’t seem to crack it. The trick is to choose the long term techniques that are actually going to work for you. Switch up your mindset and forget about the quick fixes and speedy solutions. You want to feel happy and healthy for a very long time, so adopt these simple lifestyle changes for good.

Be Strong and Smart

You might think that blasting out hours of boring cardio is going to help you blitz the fat from your body. In fact, the opposite is true and you might just be wasting your time on the elliptical machine. Strength training is the best way to alter your body shape, tighten up those wobbly bits and make you feel confident in yourself. Check out Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy for more information on how Pilates can help make you strong and cure your long term aches and pains. If you have previously injured yourself during a strenuous workout, this will be the best way to receive tailor made help and advice on repairing your body for good.

Enjoy Food

Stop viewing food as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and just blooming enjoy it. Food is supposed to be exciting so stop fearing the sugary snacks and salty French fries. You ARE allowed to enjoy your favourite foods from time to time to quite the restrictive lifestyle. Your body will only start to crave it and you will eventually give in to your inner demons. A small hiccup could spiral out of control and you will be ridden with guilt and shame. Tell yourself that you are allowed to eat whatever you want; find a balance and roll with it. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a good choice!

Recruit a Fitness Friend

Finding the motivation to workout can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be. Stop viewing exercise as a punishment and truly enjoy the activities you are doing. Get a friend to join you in a new class and start to encourage each other every day via text message. You can hold each other accountable for your workouts and you can cook deliciously wholesome dinners together. It is so much easier to alter your lifestyle when your closest buddy is doing the same thing too!

Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be boring and miss out on the good things in life. Find that perfect balance between enjoying the things you love and feeling better overall. Don’t restrict yourself from eating certain foods or partaking in particular activities, instead try and focus on the positive things you can add into your life, which will make your health much better. Whether you take up Pilates or treat yourself to a new cook book, take the steps you need to adopt a long term healthy regime.


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