As tourists we can be quick to choose more popular destinations. We assume that these will be more well equipped to ensure we have the best time. I understand that. Many people save all year for one holiday and they want it to be perfect. But what about the rest of the world. There is so much more to The Caribbean that we know of. The middle-east and far-east countries that we won’t have even considered. Don’t get me started on the hidden gems that Europe have. But yet we all want that perfect holiday where we get to witness true unspoilt beauty. With that in mind I thought I would share with you five places that you can truly escape to that has unspoilt beauty. You are welcome!


Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean island that many people don’t consider. This is because Dominican Republic is closer and other Caribbean islands. That means there are more choice for us tourists to consider with hotels and facilities to better suit your holidays needs. But we are missing out. While you may not want to relax on a beach all day, Dominica has many other options to suit your holiday. Especially if you love trekking, hiking or relaxing by a natural spring. Consider it and you won’t be disappointed.

Namibia, Africa

Africa may not be on your bucket list excelt in the form of some crazy African safari you might want to do, but there are some parts of Africa that are truly beautiful for other reasons and Namibia is one of them. It is actually one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. Although there are still issues with poverty, there are some amazing parts to see and witness and staying in places like BON Swakopmund could be the perfect place to stop and rest while you choose to explore. Swakopmund itself is a short distance from the capital of Windhoek and has beautiful coastal stretches and colonial buildings that you can see and explore.

St Vincent and The Grenadines

You will find that St Vincent is made up of one big island and many little ones in the Southern Caribbean area. While it may be up and coming with the rich and famous it is definitely worth a  visit before it becomes more commercialized. These islands are truly unspoilt with fantastic beaches, yacht filled harbors and scenic volcanic landscapes. The main island is home to the capital called Kingstown where you will find much of the main activity and hustle and bustle. The locals are very accommodating but then you still find that tourists will choose the neighbouring islands, due to the hotels and facilities. But they are missing out completely.


Liechtenstein is a German speaking country, very small, and fits between Sweden and Austria. It spans 25 km long. You will find similar weather. With beautiful greenery and snowy scenes during the Summer and Winter months. The capital, Vaduz, is home to many museums and amazing sightseeing opportunities. But don’t just stay there, explore the countryside and you will witness some truly unspoilt scenes.

I hope this has inspired you to consider somewhere different for your next holiday.


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