Even though the United States is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, there are still a lot of people out there who have never stepped foot in the country. Are you one of them?

Sure, there are lots of more exotic places to travel to, such as Thailand and Mexico, but not going to the USA means you will really be missing out. It may not be an exotic island paradise, but there sure are some thrilling cultures and exciting landscapes to check out.

Still not really convinced by a trip to the US of A? Here are some compelling reasons that will definitely persuade you to book your next vacation!

The National Parks

When it comes to natural beauty, the United States certainly has a lot going for it. The country is so vast that it covers a lot of different and very varied terrains, which means that each of its national parks stand out from all the rest. There are the ones out in the desert, such as the Grand Canyon National Park and the Acadia National Park, as well as many coastal ones, like Olympic Park. So, whether you’d prefer to hike across sandy dunes or over coastal cliff edges, I’m sure you’ll find your perfect park somewhere!

The Food

You won’t find a cuisine that is more diverse anywhere else! America’s people have emigrated from all over the world so, as a result, the country’s cuisine has been inspired by food and ingredients that come from the four corners of the world. Not only is the food on offer so good, though, but there are also a range of venues to get it from. If you travel to Portland, OR, you will find that street-food trucks are a big deal, while large cities like NYC are big into their diners

The Theme Parks

The United States is a great destination for families, and one of the main reasons for that is all because of the country’s many theme parks. In Florida alone, you will find the likes of Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and Adventure Island. And Florida isn’t the only state that has built up an incredible reputation for its theme parks – there are also many others in California, Texas, and Colorado also have their own internationally renowned parks.

The Museums And Art Galleries

As well as great food and theme parks, the United States has a fantastic culture, and this is very much evident in its museums and art galleries. Cities like NYC and Boston have some fantastic museums and galleries that the whole family will enjoy, including the Boston Museum of Science and New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you don’t have enough in your vacation budget to pay for the entrance fees, there are also lots of free museums, such as the American Folk Art Museum.

Hopefully, you are now starting to think about planning your big trip to the United States. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


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