Can the modern world limit your sense of adventure? Sure, you might not join an expedition finding new lands with a pioneering crew, or you might not have been born late enough to explore space, but that certainly doesn’t mean adventure has been lost from us. Despite our technological awareness and the fact that the internet seems to make the world smaller and come right to us, there are still plenty of places to visit and much history to learn. Technological evolution doesn’t wipe away the thousands of years of history, culture, and wonder to experience on this planet after all. You just need to start looking in the right places.

We’d suggest those places are as follows:

Ancient Civilizations

You might have seen the Indiana Jones movies. You might have played the Tomb Raider games or those of the Uncharted variety. This might seem like a form of adventure that you will never be able to take advantage of, but don’t be too certain. While you might not experience the extreme supernatural silliness that those tales provide, you can still learn deeply of those cultures and why they are so valued today.

You might visit the Taj Mahal, and experience from there some of the most incredible history from one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. You might decide to visit a place with deep European histories such as Norway or the historical archives of Germany. You might head to the cradle of civilization in Africa, finding out about our long lost anthropological cousins. With this effort, you will often find yourself experiencing something worthwhile and tremendous in its scope, and that can humble you. It certainly makes for a sense of adventure and makes you richer as a result.


If you’re not sure where to travel (adventures are usually spontaneous and not completely pre-arranged,) you might consider travelling on the great luxury cruise ships near you. These vacations often offer you some absolutely wonderful experiences, as they begin a highlight tour of the best countries along a certain stretch of Ocean. You might visit eight countries in the span of two weeks with these travels, and that sounds like an adventure all by itself. Not only that, but the ability to sail yourself on international waters is pretty much impossible in the modern day. Not only will you either come across those with bad intentions, but navigating the seven seas on an old pirate galleon is likely not either in your pay grade or desires. A cruise can bring you that nautical sense of adventure in its own comfortable manner, and for a vacation that also doubles up as a luxurious adventure, this is absolutely the most superior option!

With these tips, you are sure to experience a wonderful adventure. Remember that an adventure is always what you make of it. Consider your highest priorities and push forward with those, be they eating food, finding out about history, or finding out the origins of your family tree and trying to explore those destinations. You will come out of the effort with some beautiful memories to share.


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