You’re sitting at your computer, minding your own business and suddenly the dreaded blue screen of death happens. It’s so well-known that it’s become an internet meme, i.e., joke. It’s anything but a joke when this happens to you however as you lose complete control of your computer or laptop. It’s very sudden and leaves you with no chance to react. There are no popups that warn you of something going wrong and no settings that you could possibly change with enough time before your keyboard and mouse are made inactive. A gutwrenching stressful feeling overcomes you as coming to the potential realization that your tech might suddenly be worthless consumes you. Here a few things to do and check if this happens to you.

What is it?

There are lots of reasons this happens, but mostly, it’s due to the operating system being forced to stop suddenly. This means that although your hardware may technically still be on, the functions they do have effectively stopped. Device drivers will also be forced to come to a screeching halt and up will pop a troubleshooting options menu.

What causes it?

Normally it’s almost always going to be because of massive hardware failure. It can also be because of operating software malfunctions, but this is also linked back to the hardware again. Your GPU, i.e., the graphics card may suffer catastrophic failures, such as old age wear and tear. Cracks can begin to form in the interlocutors that hold the card onto the motherboard. This could be due to the machine standing vertically while the card is horizontal and its own weight bending itself over time. Other times it can be due to a CPU malfunction which is very rare but can occur after extensive or overuse. If temperatures are not controlled by both the CPU and GPU, it can cause the soldering to melt and destroy the circuiting.

What to do?

You never know the problem might be something small so don’t throw your computer away just yet. Contact a company like IT & Webb for IT support and see how their experts can help you. This is one of those ‘send the troops in’ moments because nothing much can be done unless you really know about your motherboard’s BIOS. This is where everything is controlled by a finite detail such as voltage going from the power unit to the relevant hardware. It can also be a place to check on the status of your computer’s health which is why you most probably need experts to guide you through.

What prevents it?

It’s hard to say what can actually prevent a blue screen other than not abusing your hardware. Too many times there are novices who push their machines over the limit. Aftermarket boosting is a serious issue such as overclocking hardware which cannot handle the demand in performance. Other times it’s best to buy aftermarket supports such as wire grippers and extra strength placeholders. Giving your machine a good clean with pressurized air cans and the old-fashioned vacuum will also prevent hardware malfunctions.

Don’t panic if and when this happens to you. It can and does strike out of nowhere, and this leads to people shutting their machine off. Gather as much information you can and then call experts who will run you through a troubleshooting list.


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