It’s safe to say that we all get a little tired with our content from time to time. Even when you’re really passionate about what you do, and you’re really excited to share posts on topics that you love, we all hit that brick wall with blogging. It tends to come in waves. Just when you think you’re on a roll with your content and you’re creating stuff that you really love, you’ll soon get tired of it again and wonder if you’ll ever get back on track. But you can and you will. The solution is often very simple too.

When you put too much pressure on yourself, you’re always going to struggle to stay on top of things. However, the trick is to not let yourself get stuck in too much of a routine. Because when you get comfortable, it’s all too easy to get bored. But when you decide to shake things up and make changes on a regular basis, you’re going to find that you’re so much more inspired and motivated. When you’re used to routine, this can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be impossible. To make sure that you’re creating consistent content but not letting it get too stale, you’ll often find that shaking things up with the seasons helps.

So now that we’re firmly enjoying Spring (or should be!) and summer isn’t that far behind, you’ve got the perfect excuse to give it a try. No matter what your blogging niche is, if you need some inspiration and you feel like making a change to your content calendar, you’ll find that these ideas can help.

Create A Series

First of all, one thing that will often get a lot of traction and be quite interesting for your reads is the idea of creating a series. If you usually post content quite randomly and you tend to write about things that cross your mind, it may seem like you have no sense of direction. However, if you were to come up with a series that features say six posts on a set topic or around a key theme, your readers will often come back looking for that additional content.

Focus On One Platform

When it comes to your social media promotions, you may find that you often spread yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere. So maybe for each upcoming season, it might be better for you to give one platform a bit of a push. Set yourself a goal, create some content ideas, and really work to drive your engagement levels to see what kind of effect it can have for you.

Introduce A New Topic

Next, you might also like to think about launching a completely new category on your blog. If you feel like you’re in a run and your not really doing much with what you’re producing lately, adding something new into the mix can often spur you on and ignite some inspiration for your content altogether.

Create Some Video

If you’ve always been a blogger rather than a vlogger, then you may think that you need to stick to the written format. But you could find that by creating some video, you’re adding a new dimension to your blog. If you have no idea what you need to do, you can find a link to professionals that can help you. By bringing in a production company, you could create quality videos that really amplify your content and create some excitement around your blog.

Bring In Some Spring

Now that we’re firmly in the spring season, why not introduce some seasonal content into your calendar? It’s often great to tailor your content to the time of year or the events that you might have going on, so think about what represents spring to you and how that could apply to your blogging niche. Great examples here would be spring beauty concerns, spring fashion, or the best destinations to head to in spring.

Plan Ahead For Summer

You could then also look to do the same for the upcoming summer months. Again, you’ll often find that there are some great summer tie-ins that you can work on for your blog. Make sure that you think about key dates in the calendar that you might want to create some content around, such as the 4th July for US bloggers.

Collaborate With Another Blogger

One thing that will always be a lot of fun to do and really helps to shake up your content is collaborating with other content producers. When you take some of the ideas here and apply them to your blog, you’ll have some really different and interesting content to share. Plus, working with another blogger will also mean that you get a cross-promotion on all of their channels too – and what’s not to love about that!

Start A Podcast

You might have noticed that audio is getting increasingly popular at the moment. So this could be something that you also look to cash in on. Podcasting might seem quite tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Get yourself acquainted with the idea, invest in some equipment, and get talking!

Shake Up Your Photography

You might also want to try something different with your blog imagery. It’s safe to say that better photography is always going to work in your favor. So definitely think about trying out some new ideas, learning some new tricks, or even hiring a professional so that you can really increase the quality of the imagery that you’re putting out.

Refresh Your Branding

Finally, you might also want to think about refreshing your branding a little bit. While this may not tie directly into your content calendar, you could definitely schedule a launch for your rebrand that gives you some content to talk about too. Sharing your new branding on your blog and your social channels can often get interest from followers and readers that want to take a look. So this could mean you get a snazzy new look and a bit of a boost too.


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