A sense of adventure is something that many of us are looking for during our daily lives. This is because it can be very easy to settle into a schedule. Wake up, go to work, do your laundry, pay your student bills, watch a movie at the weekend. While a life like this is something to be grateful for, it’s not hard to imagine how sometimes things can get a little samey. In order to enjoy a fresh experience filled with vitality, sometimes you simply need to find your inner sense of adventure. Doing so can yield you some fantastic results, and help you feel connected with your inner sense of novelty.

However, there are better and worse ways to do this. We’re here to help you optimize your efforts and hopefully help you craft something that is memorable, and that you talk about for years.


First of all you need to assess the level of risk you’re willing to deal with. For some people, a hike in Europe is all the adventure they need, and it certainly fits the description. For others, only the most extreme of winter sports will help them feel that rush they search for. It’s important to know which one you’re going for, because you need to craft the rest of the advice here around that.

This means knowing your temperament. It also means looking for reasons to push it a little further. After all, the term adventure usually denotes the ability to move beyond a comfort zone, and to live life a little more wildly. We’re not suggesting you take up snowboarding or abseiling if you’re not inclined to, but sometimes taking a little trip off the beaten path can work well.

If you’re not sure how to proceed, maybe looking to your past vacations might help you decide. If you notice that you mostly sit on beaches and relax or head to nightclubs, why not decide to experience a more culturally rich vacation? Sometimes the opposite can be true. However, most of the time, active in either learning or physical effort daily can make for an adventure. Look for tour guides near the location you decide and see what’s on offer. Choose something at random, and make an effort to be spontaneous. If you journal your entire trip you’re much more likely to veer off the beaten path a little, and try something new that you might not have otherwise done.

Understanding your temperament often translates to understanding the temperament of those who hope to travel with. This is the second most important thing to take care of. There’s no use spending on an adventure vacation if your partner is notorious for wanting to stay inside. Clearly list your goals and ambitions, and try to come up with a preemptive schedule before you book the vacation. Google is your friend here. If planned well, you and your partner can experience novelty and adventure through the lens of mutual interest, and for that reason you’ll both feed of each other’s energy and enjoyment to a near unmistakable degree.


Of course, a vacation is not just the people you go with, but the places you visit. It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for here, as wasting time can only rob you of some swell experiences. A great place to start is learning about the culture you hope to visit, and especially the quirky, strange, hard to explain areas. This might mean visiting an ancient monument and pondering its creation through digesting the history offered to you, or heading to truly strange, foreboding yet fascinating and worthwhile places such as a Paris Catacombs tour.

A great place to begin is to ensure that you and your partner bring along cameras to document your journey. This way, heading over to an area completely different to the norm is not only a shared experience, but something you can inform others around. This will also help you see the beauty in your nearest locations. For example, it might be that your state is privy to some very interesting history and strange locations that might warrant a viewing, and through this effort you find adventure on your home turf.

Novelty is always the predictor of adventure, so be sure to find it where you can. In our world of complex history and many different cultural norms, this isn’t hard to do.


No sense of adventure is well experienced if not prepared for. For that reason, it pays to understand what you’re getting yourself into. Without a solid stream of interest and insight, you can often neglect to understand what you should bring with you. We’d recommend investing in some basic equipment, such as solid footwear, warm or at least protective clothing, a premium rucksack to carry all of your goods, dried food and water, as well as a few basic survival tools depending on where you travel.

You might consider that a small hike up the bottom of a mountain might be a pleasant day out, but even the most unexpected issues can occur here. There is no price on safety, so being well equipped can save lives.

Also, be sure to prepare if you know you’re going to experience something that you might not be trained in. For example, heading on a long boat ride down the Amazon river might feel phenomenal to do, but if you aren’t a good swimmer you’ll have an added element of lethal danger beckoning at all times. While adventure is often the best when new, refreshing and something that challenges you, the word does not need danger to stay valid. You can experience a perfectly safe adventure with limited risk for you and your partner and still have a wonderful time, but obviously the risk you open yourself up to is yours to choose as an independent adult.

With all this in mind, you’ll be sure to locate, prepare and experience a wonderful adventure with the person you wish to.


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