Regular readers of this blog will know that traveling is a buzzword.

#NewZealand#CheersToMyFutureHome. The idea of living in a different country is appealing to lots of people because it’s the best of both worlds. A holiday house in a foreign land is a home away from home without giving up on the country of our birth. We’ll always be nationals, and we’ll always be welcomed back. There are plenty of options but the best one has to be Mexico. Sure, spring break and cartels don’t paint it in glory, yet there is more to the nation than meets the eye.

Here’s why it’s a fantastic place for travelers.

It’s Culturally Familiar
Hang on a minute, you say, their culture is nothing like the one found in North America. Granted, they speak a different language and their food isn’t the same, but consider this: are both unknown to you? The answer is no. Some people eat tacos and fajitas a couple of times a week because they are amazing! And, living in parts of North America means you’re bound to hear Spanish and French quite a lot. Then, the climate is about the same and everyone drives V8 muscles cars. There’s even a Lowe’s.

And Cheap
Probably the biggest difference between the Americas is the price. Even though lots of things are the same, the US and Canada charge more for their products. To use the example of Lowe’s again, the materials are around about 20-25% less expensive. Using the tips in this article, it can be even cheaper. Regarding things such as property and taxes, the overall amount shouldn’t break the bank as your money goes further. Plus, there is the cost of living to factor in, too, as groceries and essential amenities follow the same pattern.

Quick Residency
Sadly, most countries need evidence before they grant you the right to abode in their land. It makes sense, but it also takes a hell of a lot of time which is a dampener. Mexico isn’t the same as it deals with North American immigration differently than the rest of the world. Firstly, you don’t need income to qualify as your savings or 401k plan is good enough. Secondly, there’s no need for a notary or translations services as they do it all in English. Regular visitors, on the other hand, can apply for a 180 tourist visa.

It’s Easy To Reach
You may think that everywhere is easy to reach thanks to air travel, and you’d be right. Still, there are problems and issues which crop up all of the time and add extra stress. Think about luggage weight limitations and the like. Urgh- what a nightmare! Whether you go from the US or Canada, Mexico is reachable by car. Sure, it’s a bit of a drive, but it’s cheap and there are very few complications at a land border. Simply show your passport/sentri card and drive on through to your destination. How novel!

Is Mexico a country in which you’d consider buying a home?


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