It’s so easy to get swept up in a busy lifestyle these days; with so much pressure on work, career, family life, and everything else that people seem to boast about on social media, it can be a challenge to keep up. By the time you’ve worked out your schedule, you can end up with little to no free time, and your focus and priorities seem to surround everyone else in your life. Taking care of others and ensuring that you’ve made everyone happy is a great quality, and if it means a job promotion or a strong relationship, it’s always going to be a positive aspect to your lifestyle. However, you can only do so much, before you’ll need to take some significant time out to look after yourself. Therefore, scheduling in some serious you time, and soon, is the best way to keep up with all those jobs on your list.

Prioritizing yourself regularly will ensure that your health and wellbeing are in great shape, and you’re able to nurture and look after all those qualities that make you special and unique. Failing to recognize that you need a break and to adjust your focus, can lead to fatigue and stress, which put a strain on your physical and mental health. If you’re unwell, you’ll be out of action far longer than you want to be, and you won’t be able to finish that work presentation, go to that crucial meeting, or ensure that your loved ones are doing okay. So, it’s time to grab a coffee and your laptop (oh, you’re here already; hey), and begin thinking about some of the things you enjoy (or used to), and moving a few things around on your calendar so that you can plan some time off from everyone and everything on a regular basis. The following are some ideas and advice for those who feel like they’re too busy to look after themselves properly and need their energy levels to get a much-needed boost.

A Mini Break

It’s challenging for most people to find the time for a full-blown vacation, and often, they can be time-consuming and stressful to organize. Therefore, try to think small when it comes to getting away somewhere, and divide things up into more manageable chunks, like long weekends, or a few days here and there. Before you book any accommodation, make sure that you’re thinking ahead, and are able to get away more than once in the foreseeable future. You finally have the chance for some proper relaxation and recreation time, so plan ahead, and book it off from work now, even if you’re not sure where you’re heading. The best way to avoid time away from your job is to ensure that you make the most of your weekend time. It can be tempting to lie in bed or catch up with chores on a Saturday. However, before you know it, Sunday’s gone, and your alarm is beeping on Monday morning again. Therefore, make an effort to get in the car, on a train or bus, or even book a flight, and head somewhere fun on Friday night, other than your sofa or to a bar for after work drinks. If there’s a city, town, or some coastline that you’ve always wanted to visit or keep thinking about revisiting; do it! There’s no time like the present.

Traveling solo can seem overwhelming, but you won’t have the pressure of looking after anyone else for a change; only your own needs. If you feel like grabbing a coffee, or you want to visit a dispensary, or you change your mind about pizza last-minute and head for a burger instead; you can do it without question or consideration for anyone but you. Remember that this is some special time out, where being selfish is no bad thing, and you can finally indulge in things at your own pace.The challenge will lie in getting yourself there, and accepting that you deserve a treat and a great time. There’s nothing like exploring somewhere new and unfamiliar to refocus your mind. If you’re too busy choosing which spa to get a facial in, or what show to see; your worries from the office or your home will stay there, ensuring you’re making the most of your getaway and relaxing.

You’ll return home with a weight lifted off your shoulders, some incredible Instagram-worthy pictures, and plenty of pep to get on with the rest of your week. You might fall in love with a particular area or destination, and take loved ones there in the future, but make sure you get to enjoy somewhere on your own first. Treat yourself to a boutique hotel, delicious food (that you don’t have to prepare yourself, or perhaps a spa treatment, while you’re away. There are plenty of great mini break deals online, for one or two nights, or vouchers for an experience, so utilize them and use them on yourself; you deserve it!

Regular Staycations

If you start thinking about your you time as little staycations; you’re more likely to be able to get your head around taking the time out needed, away from all of your other jobs and any distractions. It will help you to retrain your mind to switch off fully, and embrace time spent alone; whether that’s in your home, your local coffee shop, or in a nearby public space like a park. Therefore, it’s always worth booking those moments off from everything. You might need to let your friends, family members, or colleagues know in advance so that you have peace of mind that nobody will be trying to contact or reach you when your phone is switched off (yes, you’re going to need to put down your devices). Write things on your calendar on the refrigerator, and utilize digital reminders so that they can pop up at the right time, and you don’t make any other plans. Now that you’ve grabbed some time for yourself with both hands, the fun bit can be deciding what you’re going to do with it. And, sometimes, doing very little is the best activity for your body and brain, even though it might not come naturally at first.

Schedule in a free morning; you can go and grab your favorite beverage and some brunch, take a stroll around some shops or through a park, or go and see an art exhibition, or something where you can take in new sights and surroundings. It’s about getting out of your usual routine and breaking your week up a little to spend time alone. It doesn’t need to cost much at all; just make sure that your phone is switched off, and you’re able to focus on what you’re doing for yourself. Trying new cafes or restaurants will give you food for thought (pun intended), and you’ll have somewhere to recommend on Monday morning. Taking a long walk or jogging somewhere will keep you fit and help blow out the cobwebs, and heading to a show or gallery to soak up some culture will only enrich your weekend and take care of your well being. So find something you like the look of, and schedule it into your plans; think of it as a date with yourself so that you don’t get stood up, and you’re top priority for a few hours or so.

You can only run so long on empty, so it’s vital that you make time to refuel regularly, and top yourself up with activities, chill out time, and moments that you enjoy, for a happy and healthy life full of energy and fun.


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