Small towns in the United States are often known for their outpost feel. They have locals to them who will either be extremely friendly or keep to themselves, always have a famed B&B in the center of town, and they have a sense of the old world about them in terms of their history. And that’s ripe for the taking when it comes to being a traveller! Travelling out to some of these lesser known places will reveal a whole host of hidden gems, whether you’re alone or with your friends. With that in mind, here’s a couple more reasons as to why small towns in the US are the crowning glory of what you can get up to on your worldwide adventures.

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Because You Can Escape the Tourists

Yes, you yourself are a tourist, but that doesn’t mean you want to be surrounded by other tourists! If you’ve been travelling for a while you know how to fit into the crowd of locals, to not stand out or obstruct the daily goings on of where you’re visiting. However, there’s a substantial amount of tourists who don’t know how to do this, and they like to crowd around the big cities.

So head to a small town to compensate for this. They’re full of hidden gems everyone who enjoys exploring will love, and they’re not far away from the bigger attractions either. You can take day trips and come back to a calm, safe place for the night. Plus, there’s always some cute souvenirs you can pick up!

Because There’s So Much History to Discover

History is something everybody enjoys taking a dip into, whether it’s because of the aesthetics or the actual events behind something. If it looks old and pretty (or one of its kind), or has a lot of cultural meaning to it, people will be drawn to the area year after year.

And when you’ve got a camera to your name and a good walking speed, you’re going to want to experience as much of the world as you can, and that includes elements of the old world too. See figures and monuments you learned about in history class, or had a childhood interest in, and get a snapshot of time gone by right at your fingertips.

Because You Can Get a Taste of Local Hospitality

Local hospitality is always more personal and focused than in the bigger hotels, and the food alone is usually more delicious. So when you’re planning your next vacation, try to rest up in the small towns around what it is you actually want to see. Book your stay at a place like Quality Inn & Suites Fort Collins, and you’re going to have a beautiful room and all the continental breakfast options you’ve ever wanted out of a hotel.

Small towns are some of the best places to enrich your understanding of other people, and there’s always something for everyone to get up to. You’re guaranteed to love the experience!


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