Life can be great; full of fun and laughter, and the memorable experiences that punctuate each year. However, sometimes life can throw challenges your way, which is (unfortunately) totally normal. Going through hard times and coming out the other end ensures that you grow and evolve as a person. It’s more than likely that you’ll be stronger because of the challenges you’ve gone through and overcome, so they are a key part of everyone’s journey. Therefore, you need to develop coping mechanisms, solutions, and ways to move through the tough times successfully, to make sure that you learn from them, and turn them around into a positive factor in your life long-term.

Talking about your feelings and what you’re going through doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, communication is crucial to the fixing and healing process during a difficult time. Opening up might not be your initial response, but it’s essential that you find someone or people, to talk to, who can offer you help, guidance, and assistance when you’re feeling low and vulnerable. There are an array of times and situation when your best course of action will be to start with an honest conversation so that you can move forward, ensure that you don’t let stress overwhelm you, and take care of your health and wellbeing. The following are some ideas and advice for those who may find it a struggle to open up, but want to ensure that they communicate if a difficult challenge should occur in their life.

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Relationship Woes

Sometimes, problems in a relationship, whether that’s platonic or romantic, can fester, and become major issues. The first step is to tell the other person what you find challenging about the situation or their behavior. Talk on neutral ground and try to remain as calm as possible; if this doesn’t go so well, you may need to seek an objective third party to help you both communicate.

Marriage and relationship counsellors will be able to give you some more tools so that talking becomes easier, you’ll also be able to share your thoughts in a safe and neutral environment, as you take on board the other person’s feelings and emotions. If things should break down, understand that it’s often nobody’s fault. Sort out the logistics with a reputable divorce lawyer to avoid rows and unnecessary arguments. Being matter of fact about the physical and legal side of things will help you to concentrate on communicating elsewhere and focus on healing. Stick with one-to-one counselling sessions, and open up to close friends and family about how you feel; you’ll be able to create a support system and move eventually move on.

Everyday Stress

Often, it’s not a major life occurrence that affects your wellbeing and mental health; it can be a series of small, everyday stresses and strains that build up and bring you down. Therefore, if you have a worry about work, or your schedule is overwhelming; make time to see those you love and trust, and share your problems and issues. You’ll receive advice and ideas from a place of love, and often talking about things can alleviate what has been troubling you in the first place. Always address your issues, no matter how big or small, and you’ll have a strong, happy, and healthy future ahead.


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