As a beginner joining the gym, it’s easy to feel a little intimidated and frightened walking in there for the first time. Will people stare at you? Will they laugh? Are you going to be judged? What if you’re super unfit? All of these things tend to enter a first time gym-goers head. However, you can avoid the common mistakes beginners make by reading this post.

Here are the mistakes that pretty much all beginners make when joining the gym:

Going In Without A Plan

Going in without any sort of plan is the most common mistake that they make. Some people walk in, spend an hour on the treadmill, and leave. Some swap from piece of cardio equipment to piece of cardio equipment then leave. Others do a couple of sets on each machine and then leave. None of these things are contributing to a great workout, and will not get you any results.

A plan is a must. You need to know what you’re doing as soon as you walk in so you don’t wander around like a lost puppy. You can find plans on and they don’t cost a penny. Don’t just make it up as you go along, make sure you have some structure!

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Not Setting Any Clear Goals

You can’t be expected to find the right plan for you if you don’t have any clear goals. Set clear goals for yourself so you know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve in the gym. The reason most people give up is because they lose focus – or they never had it in the first place! Make sure your goals are realistic and trackable. Don’t just say ‘get abs for summer’. Instead, say ‘follow a workout plan designed to help me lean out 4-5 times per week.’ You can’t control how fast your body sheds fat and shows off your abs, but you can control the type of plan you follow and how often you do it.

Failing To Do Research

Doing your own research will help you to no end. Follow inspiration people on Instagram and YouTube. Watch knowledgeable people talk about fitness – but don’t get pulled into the fads or get too complex. For example, skinny teas and things like that are a total waste of money. Then you’ll have people talking about getting your meal timing right and things like carb cycling – those things can work, but will only make a tiny difference to your progress. If they’re going to confuse you, don’t bother and just stay consistent instead.

Not Joining The Right Gym For Them

Joining the right gym for you is important. Make sure you visit a couple and see which you like the atmosphere of. Maybe you need kid’s care, as well as a pool, sauna, and great gym facilities. Know what’s important to you. Club fitness, for instance, have a Kid’s club so you can work out with peace of mind. You can find out more here. See if you can test out a few gyms with pay as you go memberships before committing to one!

Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again

Just because you found a great plan, doesn’t mean that’s your plan forever. You need to mix it up if you’re going to stick to the gym. Stick with your plan for around a month, and then change things up. Make sure you challenge yourself consistently too – if things get too easy, you need to find a way to make them harder again.


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