If you want to get into running, the spring can be a great time to do so. The evenings are staying lighter for longer and the weather should be warming up. Plus, getting ready for running before summer comes mean that you’ll have improved your fitness level so that you’ll be feeling good as you carry on running over summer. The only thing with spring is that the weather can be a little changeable, April showers and all of that. So a few essentials to have in your running arsenal can help you to get out whatever the weather.

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Windbreaker Jacket

Because one minute you might have some light rain, and then the next might be sunny, a light breathable layer like a windbreaker jacket that covers you up is a must for spring. They can keep you warm, as well as be light enough to take off and tie around your waist if needed.

Compression Leggings

Another piece of workout gear that is great to have if you’re looking to get into running is some compression leggings. Compression leggings or tights are designed to improve how well your body deals with getting oxygenated blood to your muscles and respiratory organs, as they help by pushing blood back out of your lower extremities, so your heart and lungs can do their thing. Compression leggings also reduce muscle vibration as you run, which can help your legs feel fresher over longer distances.

Fitted Running Shoes

After a winter of being on the treadmill, or even just in the gym doing weights or things like yoga, your feet might get a little shocked when they are out pounding on the sidewalk. So getting some of the best running shoes for you is a good idea. If you can see a gait specialist then it can help you to have your gait checked and find the shoes that will compliment your style.

Sports Watch

To monitor how you’re getting on, as well as check the time and to set a stopwatch, a sports watch is a must. You could use a sports watch to time splits, as well as check your pulse. The main brands like Casio are also weather resistant, so great if you may be out in some rain, or even if you’re going to take on something like a Tough Mudder.


If you’re going to be out running in potentially quite bright and sunny conditions, then having some sunglasses for running can be a really good idea. Polarized frames and lenses are a great way to shield from the sun and any windy conditions too. Proper sports sunglasses are lightweight, so they’ll feel like you’re not wearing them, and often come with nose grips so that they stay on your face, no matter how fast you are running.

Running Socks

Just wearing any old socks in your running shoes won’t do. The right kind of sock will absorb sweat and be comfortable to wear, so that you can just get on and enjoy running.


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