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When you are sitting at your desk for five days every week, it can be difficult to stay fit and active, and you may feel as if you are too cramped up by the end of the day to bother going to the gym at all. However there are lots of ways you can stay fit and active even if you do work in an office.

Use a stand up desk

If you feel as if sometimes when you sit at your desk you want to close your eyes and have a nap, then getting yourself a standing desk might be the answer you need to keep you productive and active during the day. A standing desk is something which is popular in many countries and promotes healthier habits in the workplace. If you don’t feel as if you can stand up all day, you can practice active sitting to keep you moving throughout the day and keep your muscles healthy.

Exercise ball

If you don’t care too much what everyone else in the office thinks of you, you can sit on an exercise ball throughout the day instead of a regular chair. The benefit of this is that it forces you to keep a good posture and you will also work all of those small muscles in your core throughout the day as you keep your balance on the ball. This can actually strengthen your core a lot!

Time yourself

During the day it can be easy to just sit down and never move until you have to go home, however inactivity is not good for your body and it can lead to you storing much more fat. To stop yourself from sitting down all day you can set a timer on your phone to remind you to get up and walk around for a few minutes utes every hour. This will make a big difference to your body and health.

A running desk?

If you love to run every morning before you come in to work, then a treadmill desk might be just the thing you need to keep you active and fit every single day. You don’t have to run as you are working on an important email through, simply walking will be good enough to keep your healthy, and every hour you could set a timer for a 1 minute sprint.

Ankle weights

If you fancy keeping your legs busy throughout the day but don’t have access to a standing desk, you can use ankle weights and lift them under your desk as you work. It might sound a little fiddly but it is a great way to keep your legs muscular and toned. Ot also allows you to stay active if you can’t leave your desk because of a fussy boss.

Desk bike

If you thought you could only go for a cycle outside on in the gym, you were wrong. You can buy a mini exercise bike which fits underneath your desk and allows you to burn fat throughout the day as you type and work.

Yoga Time

If you love to practice yoga a couple of times a week, you could convince your boss to let you hold a class every week with other employees in a quiet room of the building. You can all follow a YouTube video and save money on a teacher, and spend an hour on a Friday morning or lunchtime and stay fit as a team. It will be a fun activity for you all to do every week and it will keep everyone healthy.

Walking meetings

If you hate the thought of sitting in a meeting room for an hour every Friday morning, convince your boss to let you do walking meetings instead around the building. It will not only stop you from wanting to fall asleep at your seat, but it will also allow you to stay active and fit as you walk around. If you are worried about being able to make notes, then use your treadmills desks to perform the meeting and then you will be able to make notes on paper or your computer throughout. It will make meetings go much faster as well because people are more likely to want to get to the point if they are walking!

Desk stretches

Honestly, no one will ever say anything about you if you simply perform some stretches while sitting at your desk. It is completely normal and it will feel great to be able to stretch while sat at your desk in the morning. You can find lots of different stretches on Pinterest to keep your muscles happy and stretched every single day.

Walk or Cycle

If your workplace is within a decent distance from your home, ditch the car and instead either walk to work in the morning or cycle instead. It will set you up for a good day and will actually give you a lot of energy for the day ahead. Of course, you don’t have to do this if there is a blizzard outside!

Lunchtime workouts

During your typical lunchtime you likely spend most of the time sitting at your desk online shopping or playing with your phone, but there are much better ways to spend this small chunk of your day which can actually save you working out when you get home. If there is a gym close to where you work, take lunchtime as an opportunity to get a quick workout in before the afternoon. If not, you can either simply go for a walk or workout in your office. Ask your boss if there is an empty room you can use, take your phone and a yoga mat and follow YouTube Workouts such as XHIIT to keep you fit during the week. Each workout will be around 20 minutes and will allow you to target different body parts every day. You’ll stay fit and toned without having to waste your personal time at the gym!


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