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We’ve all been there. Life gets pretty intense from time to time. This might be due to something negative you have experienced. You might have lost your dog. A family member might be ill. You might have been fired, or rejected in a relationship. You might have broken your $2000 DSLR camera this morning. You might have accidentally tied your shoes together and tripped over in glorious fashion in front of your crush at work. How you made it to the office is wonderous, but that’s by the by.

It might not even be something negative that drains you. Heading on a long vacation, partying weeklong at a music festival, finally handing in that dissertation or simply eating too much cookies and cream all contribute to you feeling a little deflated and worn out. Sometimes, you just need to chill the heck out.

So why not do so? We can’t all be go-go-go all the time. Even the leaders of fortune 500 companies, while frantic in their daily pacing and efficiency, are often subject to fatigue and need to chill. So, consider this your ‘chill guide’ – your ultimate guide to chill. With this, you will hopefully recharge your batteries well enough to live to fight another day. It might help you lend fresh perspective to your situation, whatever that may be.

Here’s how to get started:

Time Off Work

It’s not selfish to take a little time off work. We’re not suggesting quitting your job or fraudulently calling in sick. But using your accrued holiday time, even just a day or two of it after a three day weekend to gift you a five day period of recharging, can feel awesome. Working is great and it keeps you active. But, sometimes, the pursuit of good mental health means breaking the mold just that little bit. It causes no damage.

You might increase in your working efficiency when coming back, after having attended to the fatigue you were experiencing. It only takes one bad mood to snap at a client, and have them withdraw business from your firm. You can only work well when you feel well, so in these instances you might actually be doing a favor for your company. But most of all, you’ll be doing a favor for yourself, and that is the essence of being chill.

Light Activity

Light activity can often help. People think that in order to chill you need to sit down, but that sometimes only leads to falling asleep. Doing something that sustains you but takes little effort, such as walking in your local park, can be worthwhile. It doesn’t take long. You might see some fun sights. You might bump into a friend or simply feed the birds. You might have a pleasant little romantic encounter. Or, most likely, you will relax in nature and come home feeling that little bit more balanced. This is good.

We previously mentioned that you might take a five day period off. One of the mistakes that people make when taking time off is to do absolutely nothing. That’s a relatively reasonable idea. Why else take time off? Should you be bouncing off the walls, committing to social encounters left and right? Well, that depends on what you find chill. But certainly resting at home and playing video games all day is never going to benefit you. To begin with it might feel good, but as you begin to feel more and more fatigued during the course of the day due to inaction, you might sleep and lose precious time. Before long you feel lethargic, and start ignoring what you had wanted to achieve. That’s right, even well-executed recreation has its own organization. Even being ‘chill’ does. It’s the difference between being absorbed in a book that keeps you engaged, and watching a fluff television show that simply keeps your eyes on a screen. Being relaxed is more than lethargy. It’s being actively engaged with something, lightly yet enough to keep your eyes open and awake.


With this previous perspective in mind, why not do something creative? You might not be the most creative type, but we can guarantee you’ll feel a little freer and have fun painting on a blank canvas. Whatever you want. Perhaps you might write a little five-page story while listening to your favorite tunes. Maybe you’ll attend to some sewing. Creativity helps us feel engaged, and truly relaxes us. This is because doing nothing is not always ‘chill.’ We, as humans, desire to do things. No one feels good after a six-hour binge of YouTube videos. There’s something in our gut that tells us we’re wasting our time, unless we have watched the most intellectually absorbent material we could find.

So why not do something creative? It can be silly. It might just be journalling. It might just be messing around in a free trial of Photoshop to edit some of your vacation pictures. Whatever it is, it’s sure to make you feel like the day was well spent, and that itself helps you relax in the time you have off.

Peaceful Reflection

Reflecting is a wonderful activity to partake in. It can come in many ways. You might choose to meditate on the sofa, secure hush blanket from on your lap, smelling the scented candle and zen music you have playing in the background. It might mean calling up a friend and reminiscing (social contact is always beneficial if looking to relax.) It might mean sitting down on this sofa and listening to an album you adore, but really making time to deeply listen to it. Music brings with it many emotions and they are usually highly personal, so this can be a wonderful catalyst for that.

This can even promise to recharge your batteries much faster than you originally intended. Who knows, by the third day you have you may even want to be back active again, enjoying a drink with your friend at the local bar.

With all this practical advice applied, introvert or extrovert, you can take some alone time for the benefit of your emotional health. Be sure to have fun!


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