If you think about it, sleep is a pretty weird thing. We lose consciousness for around a third of our day, every day and only by doing this can our bodies and minds restore and repair enough to be able to function correctly. Weird as it may be, however, one thing is certain, and that is we can’t do without it, something that means if you are having trouble nodding off at night it will negatively affect your life. Luckily, though there are some tactics you can employ to deal with sleep problems, just read on to find out what they are.

Bye bye blue light

Screen time is one of the biggest causes of sleep problem in the modern world. This is partly because whatever we are doing online or on our phone is likely to have an addictive quality making it hard to set boundaries for ourselves when it comes to closing them down and heading off to bed.

Screen time is also detrimental to sleep because of the blue light that most screens emit. This is a type of light that is known to stimulate the human brain and help us to be more awake. Something that is great when we have a deadline to work to, but not so brilliant when we want to drift off into a restful sleep.

Happily, both of these issues can be dealt with to help you improve your night’s rest. Regarding the blue light, some phones now offer a built-in filter that minimizes the output, which can help. There are even tinted glasses that you can buy that filter out this sort of light if you are planning on working or gaming on your laptop or PC later in the evenings.

Of course, the first issue is something that takes a bit of self-discipline to resolve. Although, if you are struggling here why not set your internet or app access on a timer and then it will shut down automatically and help to reinforce that it’s sleep time.

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You need support

Now, I’m not suggesting that you need the support of a medical professional or life coach here unless your sleep problem is getting increasingly severe. In fact what I’m referring to is back and body support, something you can get from the right mattress.

Of course, traditionally you had to choose between a mattress that was firm and supported your body while you sleep and one that was soft and felt comfortable. Happily, there are now products on the market such as this non-toxic mattress made from Gel that do both. By using products like that, you won’t get woken throughout the night due to additional pressure on your joints or because your bed is too hard to get a decent night’s rest on.

Routine helps

Lastly, getting into the right routine can be so beneficial in improving your snooze, and I don’t just mean your bedtime routine either. In fact, better organizing the time you get up, the meals you eat, and the exercise you do during the day this can help you be in the right frame of mind, and state of body to drift quickly off to sleep when night falls.


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