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No one starts a blog without considering the earning capabilities involved. Sure, in the early blogging days people did it for love. But, there’s so much information out there now about how to make blogs work as businesses. And, we all want in on the action.

That said, even when starting a blog with business in mind, you may struggle to expect real success. It’s certainly challenging to consider such a possibility when you’re, choosing a domain name in your pyjamas. And, many bloggers don’t ever make more than a small amount of pocket money. But, some hit the big time. It’s important to recognize when this happens to you so that you can expand in the right ways. One of the first things you’ll want to consider if you do find success is whether to bring others on board. You might want to work with other writers, or even find ways to work with a software development team who can take your ideas further than you thought possible. Either way, expansion like this is essential for riding that wave of success.

But, how do you know when it’s time to branch out? For the most part, you’ll feel it. Cheesy as it sounds, you’ll know your blog, and you’ll know when it’s ready to grow. But, to give you a more solid foundation to work with, let’s look at three primary signs that blog is overdue an upgrade.

You’re working 15+ every day

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If you’re working from dawn until dusk, you can be pretty sure that a bigger team should be on your horizon. It’s great that you have so much work coming in, and it likely means that you can afford at least one other team member. And, once they’re on board and producing more work, you’ll be able to afford another. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole team working with you.

Either way, quit putting in 15 hour days to keep on top. There are a few risks to working like this, and all of them could see your wave flatlining if you aren’t careful. There’s just no way you’ll be able to produce good work when you’re wearing yourself down. The chances are that you’ve always put in a few long days. But, if this is your reality every day, it’s past time you took someone else on.

You’re turning work away

Sounds painful, doesn’t it? But, if your blog expands enough, you’ll have no choice but to turn jobs away. Remember, you’re already working 15 hours a day and struggling to make ends meet. You’ll reach a point where it just isn’t practical to take on more work. Either that, or you’ll fail to complete jobs you’ve accepted. And, that’s even worse!

You don’t need us to tell you, of course, that turning work away leads to lost profits. Not to mention that it can send the wrong impression to companies who want to work with you. You could come across as disinterested, or unreliable. Hence, you may never get an offer from them again.

Make sure it doesn’t happen by foreseeing when your workload is getting out of control. An excellent way to do this is to make an accurate note of every task you have for the day. If you’re reaching a point where every possible hour is taken up with work, you might well need to bite the bullet. Remember, other staff members can take on a whole new workload. Even one employee can ensure you don’t have to turn any opportunities down if you don’t want to.

You want to expand, but it doesn’t seem possible

Even if you’re managing to make your one person business work for you, you may find that you’re unsure how to expand. After all, you already work as many hours as possible, and so have no free time to develop any ideas. In an ideal world, you’d love to produce a newsletter or some merchandise. But, there’s no way to do that without putting aside paid work.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Hiring a team would allow you to have your business cake and eat it, too. You could leave other team members to deal with paid work while you develop ideas. Or, you could concentrate on tasks you know, and leave development to a development team as mentioned at the start of this post. Either way, expansion will be well within your reach when you have the security of others around you.


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