In this modern era of emerging technology, social media and selfies, life can seem more stressful than ever. You may be working long hours at the office, your diet may be suffering, and you aren’t sleeping as contently as you’d like. All of these factors can result in heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Your mental well being and physical health can suffer. You may suffer headaches, mood swings, digestive issues and memory problems. With unhealthy levels of stress hormones being released into your bloodstream, your blood pressure can increase which is detrimental to your heart health. Take a look at these simple ways you can reduce and manage your stress levels.

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It’s vital that you have a strong support network around you when you are feeling the effects of stress. Close friends and family members can lend a listening ear allowing you to vent, rage and talk about your problems. Speaking to somebody about those situations that are getting you down will act as a form of catharsis and release leading to you feeling lighter and more free from stress and anxiety.

The relationships we treasure can themselves cause us heightened levels of stress. If you have fallen out with a close friend or if you are going through divorce mediation with a partner, you may feel uncertain, scared and doubt the value of those friendships you still have. You must remember that not all relationships are the same. Some will fail, others will change, and more will blossom into something stronger.

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Money worries and debt issues can cause us unwanted stress. Not knowing how to pay the bills, keep up with your rent repayments or do the weekly grocery shop can lead to us feeling hopeless. It’s vital that you get in touch with debt helplines and money management services to help you create a manageable budget and take back control of your finances. When you have managed to grapple with your debts and find yourself on a more even keel, this will also be reflected in your frame of mind.

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It can seem like an impossible task to balance your work life and family commitments. While your partner may blame you for not attending a parent-teacher conference, you know that the pressures of work cannot allow you to seek a healthier work-life balance. Ensure that you make time for yourself and spend ten to fifteen minutes a day doing something that you love. This could be reading a book, listening to your favourite tunes or heading outdoors for a walk. This will give you a chance to escape from the stress of work, find a more relaxed frame of mind and clarify your jumbled up thoughts. When things feel like they are getting on top of us, this fifteen minutes a day can reduce our stress levels immeasurably.

Stress is an affliction of modern life, and while you may not be able to banish it forever, you can use these methods to help alleviate and manage your anxiety levels.


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