Nothing beats going away on your own. While traveling with others can be rewarding, it comes with limitations. You have to worry about what other people want to do, and so may miss out on a fully freeing experience. What’s more, you can’t immerse yourself in the culture with other people around. You’re much more likely to strike up conversations with the locals when you’re roaming by yourself.

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But, this need for solo travel can become problematic when you get into a relationship. Love may be all around, but that won’t put an end to your desires to go off and see the world alone. And, when you feel that need, there could be arguments and miscommunications. Your partner may wonder why you don’t want them to go, and that can breed mistrust. In short; solo travel becomes a bit of a nightmare. So much so that may start asking yourself whether it’s okay to travel alone now you’re part a pair. The answer to this is, of course, yes. But, it’s also important you do things right to save feelings. To help, let’s look at a few of the steps you may want to take.

Keep communication open

Communication is always crucial when it comes to love. That’s especially the case here. A lot of your partner’s worries are likely down to misunderstandings. They may think you’re going away because you’re fed up with them, for instance. To avoid issues like these, be honest. Let them know why you love solo travel so much. Talk them through previous experiences you’ve had. Assure them that this is just something you enjoy doing. This should ease any of the personal worries they experience.

Balance the scales with trips together

It’s also important to note that you should make time out to travel with your partner as well. That could mean booking in for two romantic nights at locations like these Welk Timeshare resorts. This would be the perfect way to reassure your partner when you get back. Or, you might want to travel a little further afield together. Either way, you should book one vacation with your partner for each solo trip. This is good for you, as it means more time away. And, it ensures your partner that you do want to spend time with them, too.

Encourage your partner to experience solo travel

It may also be worth encouraging your partner to do a little solo exploration of their own. This is the best way to help them see why you love solo travel so much. If all goes well, it’ll certainly help to put their mind at ease about your motivations. What’s more, if you both find that you love this, you could consider more joint excursions in the future. If you’re both happy to go off and do your own thing during the day, there’s no reason you can’t make this work. You could meet up each evening and chat about all the new experiences you had!  


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