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With a doubt, the best way to secure your finances for the future is to invest. As scary and risky as it sounds, it’s a far better option than leaving money in a savings account. How much do you really expect to gain from low-interest rates? And, at the moment, they are about as low as they have ever been post-World War Two. Yep, a gamble, all be it a calculated one, is a savvy move.

The problem is that you’re a novice with no knowledge or experience of the industry. So, it’s a little much to expect you to grasp the complicated stuff and start making money over fist. Warren Buffett you are not, which is why it’s essential to begin at the bottom and work your way up. Let’s face it – we’ve all got to start somewhere folks.

Like many things in life, research helps. Reading books and Googling phrases and terms will be the foundation of your success. Still, it’s also a great idea to know where to begin, and that is where this post comes into play. Here are the best areas for beginners.

Real Estate

There is nothing easier than securing a building or a residential property. In fact, the odds are high that you already have a piece of real estate in your portfolio. Therefore, you do have experience and knowledge of the system. Happy days! Unless there is a spare hundred grand lying around the house, a mortgage will be on the cards. Don’t worry though because the terms are favorable, especially if your credit is bulletproof. One thing you shouldn’t assume is that you will make money. points out that whether it’s in the short or long-term, there are zero guarantees in this industry. However, buying property is a good starting point because it’s relatable and understandable. Plus, there are dozens of options at your disposal. Should you not want to flip it for a quick profit, some renters will pay off the mortgage. Of course, only purchase a home that you can afford as the bank may take the asset as collateral if you forfeit the agreement. Usually, location carries more weight than the state of the house as you can always renovate and redecorate.


Now, this is a little complicated for many reasons. Firstly, the majority of average Joes have never bought a plot of land in their life. For the most part, we obtain the buildings and the grounds are already included. Secondly, there are extra titles and paperwork which needs taking care of before the deal gets ratified. As a result, a comprehensive team of professionals is a must just to be on the safe side. Looking at it, you may be wondering why on earth you would bother? Well, the answer is supply and demand. Currently, plots of land around the country are at a premium because they are in short supply. As the population grows, local authorities need to find new ways to house the baby boomers and any plot will suffice. Anyone who owns the deeds to the land, then, is set to make a fortune. You may have to pay a high rate, but the chances are high that you’ll make it back somewhere down the line. Look for plots which are fair-sized and don’t have any building restrictions. Otherwise, no contractor will want to take the risk.


Cryptocurrencies are the new fads of 2018. Except, they aren’t flashes in the pan like the “experts” thought in the beginning. Some are clearly bad investments as they are novelties, yet others seem to be making a difference. Bitcoin is a prime example. Created around a decade ago, its value has rocketed year by year, culminating it in reaching $10,000 per coin this year. Earlier, in 2017, the total amount was closer to $20,000, which is incredible. It’s obvious that Bitcoin is here to stay and the market suggests the shares aren’t going to tank anytime soon. Obviously, investing now when the costs are high is difficult but not impossible. In fact, Xcoins has a simple solution: get paid in the cryptocurrency. You can find out more from by checking out the link, but remember that there are people with coins to spare. As a result, they are happy to exchange goods and services for Bitcoin, which is how you diversify your portfolio. Please be careful because there are horror stories, such as money laundering and dealing with shady characters. If you trust the source, however, there is nothing which says this transaction is against the law.


Compared to currency, gold is a smart move because it doesn’t lose its value says The same goes for a variety of precious metals, too. The market has been and always will be receptive to bars and bullion, so it is logical to get in on the ground floor. Like Bitcoin, finding a profitable and affordable investment option isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Everyone who has gold understands their position; plus, the majority of people don’t like to sell because it’s shiny. Seriously, it’s amazing how Gollum owners get when it comes to signing on the dotted line. Thankfully, loopholes exist and you can exploit them to your advantage. Consider checking out jewelry stores for cheap pieces, for instance. Auctions are fantastic places to peruse the listings also. Because some people need a quick influx of cash, they are happy to sell to pawn shops and the likes. Although the owners will jack up the price, the amount should be lower than retail value. Another cool trick is to check the draws in the house. You never know – there may be a treasure trove of gold right under your nose.


The idea of investing in an insurance policy doesn’t sound right. Isn’t a premium something you have to pay just for peace of mind? Yes, lots of people hate the idea of rewarding insurance companies with money they may never see in the future. However, it’s worth the risk, particularly if you’re an investor. Sometimes, unforeseeable circumstances strike and it leaves your portfolio in a huge mess. The good news is that a policy will cover the damage and some. Indeed, some individuals come out better after a crash than when they started. Sure, you have to be lucky, and you won’t be one of the lucky few, but you can have a safety net. What would you rather do – spend money and get it back or take the risk and lose everything? It’s tempting to see a policy as just another expense, yet it is an investment and one worth considering for beginners. If the pros believe in this method, then you have no excuse! Whatever the area, ensure there is a contingency plan should the worst happen.

Stock Market

Of course, the elephant in the room is the stock market. After watching DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, it’s easy to say “No thank you. Not for me!” granted, the antics in the movie put the industry to shame. And, they are by no means an anomaly. But, to avoid trading in stock options and shares is an unwise move because of the profit range. With minimal startup capital, you can transform a couple of bucks into a million dollars with the right steps. Smart investors know this doesn’t happen often, but there are examples so don’t dismiss it out of hand. Even if you can down the conservative route, the scope for success is pretty high. Buffett himself recommends investing in low-yield, low-risk stocks. Why? It’s because, over time, your portfolio will begin to grow and that’s when you up the ante. It’s worth noting this is not by taking more risks but by increasing the amounts and sticking with the same method. has handy hints for those who are worried by the prospect of going into the lion’s den. Remember that they are as scared of you as you are of them!

401k has a great roundup of how retirement plans work, but the gist is this: you deposit money into an account sponsored by your employer. The company then passes the dough onto a third-party, also known as a middleman, who invests the cash into stock options. So, you’re not quietly saving money but advancing it to make more in the long-term. Here’s the kicker – you’re in control. Yes, the employer transfers the funds yet you are in charge of the stock options and investment plans. Therefore, by having a 401k, you are an investor looking to double your money. Indeed, a “safe harbor” strategy hands complete control over to you if you prefer to have your hand on the wheel. Because there are in your name, the money will still be yours because there are your assets. A 401k is scary because it’s your future, but it’s the best way to plan for retirement.

Out of the seven options, which of them are you likely to pick? Don’t worry because you can choose more than one!


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