If you have a collection of china horses or if you need to send a crate of wine to a loved one then you will know what a delicate process this can be. You may feel as though the whole thing is just too risky to be worth the effort and you may also find that you have no idea how to package the items up as well. Luckily there are a couple of things that you can do to make the whole thing easier, so you don’t have to deal with a cardboard box soaked with red wine or the sound of rattling glass.

The Box

The box that you choose really does need to be sturdy but it also has to be lightweight as well. The reason why you don’t want a box that is too heavy is because this will all add up in terms of postage costs. You will also want to choose a box that is way bigger than the contents so that you can add plenty of protective packaging. If you choose a box that is “just” big enough, you may think that this is a great fit but it isn’t at all. The more packaging you add inside the box, the safer your item will be.

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Additional Padding


You will want to add enough padding to your objects so that they won’t move around when the box is lifted. This will take quite a lot of work, but it is well-worth it. You can even use bubble-wrap for things like this, but if you don’t have any then old newspaper is a brilliant choice. Polystyrene is also great because you can squeeze it in around the corners as well as filling any gaps. If your figurine or fragile item has legs or arms, wrap some bubble wrap or newspaper around these separately as opposed to doing the whole ornament in one piece as well.

Weigh Properly

If you are selling online, you’ll want to set the postage of the item. A lot of people don’t realise this, but you can actually use your kitchen scales to weigh the item of choice. You will want to weigh before and after the item has been packaged so that you can print the exact weight. It is also worth looking into actual weight vs dimensional weight as this will help you to get the right postage option.


And lastly, when posting your item, its worth getting the fastest delivery method. The main reason for this is because the longer your item is in circulation, the more chances there is of it getting damaged. If your item is only in transit for a day on 24-hour delivery then it only has a day to experience any damages. If you post it on 3-5 day delivery however, there is a chance that it will sit in the sorting office for quite some time and this opens you up to additional risk. This is especially the case if your item is incredibly fragile.


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