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Don’t get us wrong, we would like to be flawless as much as the next person. We would love to flaw-free and perfect in every way it is possible to be perfect, not just on Instagram but in real-life too. The problem is, well, it’s highly improbable we’ll actually reach this goal. That’s what makes it such a dangerous aim to have. It’s not possible. It’s not realistic. And, in all honesty, advocating any sort of flaw-hate is actually really damaging because we all have flaws, and that’s something we need to accept, no matter what they may be.

Imperfections, weaknesses, blemishes, anxieties, call them what you will, we all have them. All of us. Yup, even Beyonce. And that’s because nobody is perfect. It’s just a matter of accepting what you maybe don’t like about yourself and setting yourself free from it.

With that in mind, here are some incredible ways you can accept your flaws and live a way happier life as a result.

  1. Be More Specific With Knowing Who You Are

The first thing you need to do when accepting your flaws is hunting them down. You need to figure out what your flaws are, which isn’t as easy as asking yourself who you are. Instead, you should break this question down into smaller ones. Ask yourself who you are when you’re with your friends, or with your family, or when you think about the future and anything else that will help you figure out who you are and what your flaw may be.

  1. Find A Way To Make It Positive

This is tricky, we know that. It’s taking something you may be loathe in your life and making it a massive part of your success story. Not easy. That said, if Taylor Swift can take heartbreak and turn it into an album that empowers millions of people then you can find a way to turn your weakness into a strength. It’s about reframing who you are. It’s about going, “okay, you’re not helping me out at all here Miss Flaw, so I’m going to find a more positive alternative for you.”

  1. It’s Okay To Get Help Too

The problem with flaws, apart from the obvious definition, is that they aren’t born equal. Some are more obvious than others, some are more debilitating than others and others are so overwhelming that you might need help turning them into a strength. That’s okay, though. It could be that your “flaw” is a birthmark; then don’t feel it’s a weakness to get it removed. It could be that you have an addictive personality, in which case it’s okay to learn more from The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare and get their advice. If it’s a part of your body you don’t like, such as flab somewhere, get a PT to help you get fit.  It might be that you are constantly comparing yourself to others, going to a support group where everyone shares and helps and all that is fine too. Basically, what we’re saying is, getting help is sometimes seen as a weakness, but we just want to let you know it isn’t.

  1. Try Being For Something, Not Against

You may not have noticed, but it is so easy to be against stuff, which tends to be bad news because whenever you’re against stuff, you take on the worst aspects of that. Our advice: find something to be for instead. By doing this, you’ll find you’re uplifted and inspired and unified and full of positive energy. What’s more, you can sustain this attitude for way longer too. In short, instead of being against your flaws, try and find a way to be for them by accepting them for what they are.


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