You are busy. You are always so busy that you live in the future, forgetting to live today. You always don’t have much time because of work and household chores, and there is a miserable hour before going to bed, which many spend watching a movie. You accumulate enough tomorrow, and one day you will find that you have nothing left but a lot of yesterdays. Due to lack of time, you have to postpone business and change plans, working around the schedule, but how to live without taking a moment to develop yourself? You will need a bit of discipline and early waking up to have time for yourself.

  1. Good night’s sleep.

A good night sleep is not less important than food and water. This is of vital importance. However, nowadays, many people have a crazy rhythm of life, sleeping for 4 or 5 hours. No wonder that they feel exhausted over time. 40% of the total population experience daytime drowsiness and it has a very serious impact on the ability to work, to think clearly and feel fresh. Moreover, half of these people have said that they feel drowsy 3-4 days a week.

On the other hand, a healthy dream improves your memory, working capacity, creativity, attention, and concentration as well as muscle bulk, and it reduces stress and depression. So, make a good night’s sleep your priority.

  1. Physical activity.

If you want to be a healthy and active person (as Ukrainian women are, indeed), sport should be one of the things to do in the morning. It is better not to go to the gym, but you can run and do a pull-up and dips. Nevertheless, training is a matter of individual choice, and if the gym is the best option for you, then get a gym membership. Sport in the morning helps the brain think clearly throughout the day and reduce your worries. Until you start caring for your body, other aspects of your everyday life will suffer as well.

  1. Eating 35 grams of protein.

Many famous nutritionists who have studied a human body for many years, recommend eating 35 grams of protein in the morning. The best time for such a breakfast is 30-40 minutes after waking up.

Protein-enriched foods belong to healthy things to eat in the morning. They are longer processed by the organism and keep the blood sugar level stable that allows you not to feel hunger longer. The protein can help in the processing of carbohydrates and reduce body fat.

  1. Reading.

Morning is a great time to leaf through a book, and reading is one of the great things to do early in the morning. You can do that at breakfast and on your way to work. Don’t forget about audiobooks if you cannot read for some reasons. Many successful people say that they try to read one book a week. They learn and develop all the time, so perhaps, this is their secret. Even 15-20 minutes of morning reading will allow to learn a lot of new things and enrich yourself with knowledge.

  1. Cold shower.

People who take a cold shower every day, don’t have depression and feel much better. This is all thanks to the fact that freezing water starts a certain number of processes in the body that make us feel happy. So, a cold shower is one of the most useful things to do when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Redefining the goals.

Some goals are small, and others are global. If you reflect on how to implement them every day and remind yourself that you need to act, this will greatly improve your results. Such a practice will add motivation.

  1. Do one thing that will bring you closer to the global aim.

Remember that in the morning, it is better to perform those tasks that require the most strength and energy. Doing that, you will increase your personal effectiveness. Do one great step towards achieving a great goal every morning, and soon you will succeed.


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